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Adela Crandell Durkee, Author


book-photo-1I write about People, Places, and Things.   I love writing.  Putting pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard helps solidify my thoughts and my feelings.  Besides that, my interests are eclectic.   I’m a pigeon-holes resister.  Nouns pretty much include everything I like to write about.

Once a week, I feature a photo or two or three.  “A thousands words worth.”

Best advice from my mother:  You owe no one an explanation for who you are or what you do with your life.  Live it.  It is yours and only yours.  You will make mistakes, have regrets, need to apologize.  Everyone does.  None of that takes away from the gloriousness that is you.

I am a: Wife, Mom, G-mom, Writer/Reader, Regulatory Affairs Professional Quality Assurance Expert, Microbiologist/Chemist, Pest Control Specialist, Trained Tongue, Seamstress, Organizer, Knitter, TV Watcher, Cook, Bicycle enthusiast, swimmer, Yoga Practicer, Environmentalist, Techno-geek, Progressive Catholic, Believer in love, and much, much, more…

I launched my 30 years of corporate leadership in new directions as a free-lance writer and consultant.  My soul is infused with health, science and quality principles, so you will see that side of me peaking through in all that I write.

Here are some places you will find my writing:

My first novel:  A Ship of Pearl  

A 1933 bank failure piles calamity on top of disaster.  Separated from his family, 12 year-old Eldie Craine is up to his eyeballs in unfamiliar territory: someone else’s clothes, a new school, new rules. And now there’s Cecilea.

My first read-to-me book:  The Fable of Little Tzurie illustrated by Niall Brady, is a read-to-me book about a good little boy who must find his own way in the world.

Serendipitously, both books involve homelessness and hunger. Hmm…  Something like that must have a purpose.

10 % of my profit from both books goes to help America’s homeless and hungry. 

My first publication was at the age of seven, in The Flint Journal.  I love creating stories.

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