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Gratitude Monday: Exhausted and Revitalized

Here I am, the day after a weekend at CWC2016.  What a wonderful writers conference.  I met such good people, and I learned some valuable new tools.  Plus, I learned that I already know a lot, and I have a lot to share.  That is so affirming!

Look, I’m dancing on a bus, thanks to the Twitter stickers I discovered this weekend.  I know.  I am so easily tickled.

img_2352Forgive me, if I focus on some of those things, this bright, sunny Monday morning where all things seem possible. And in no particular order:

  • A Loved-One who knows that a clean kitchen is the best aphrodisiac in the world.
  • Cats that entertain whether they are playing or splayed out on the rug in rest.
  • New writer connections: Margo, Ann, Mary, Cameron, Kelly, Eizabeth, Mary, and more.
  • My first GoodReads review. Yay!  Everyday, my novel out there, birthed to the world seems more and more real.
  • Facebook and Twitter “shares” of people reading A Ship of Pearl.  I wonder if I’ll every stop getting the thrill-chills each time someone shares.
  • Yardwork waiting for me.  Yes, I delight in getting my fingers of the keyboard for a few hours.  (I have an owwie on my forefinger from all the typing.  For real.)
  • Yoga with Christine.  She makes me sweat and leaves me centered all at the same time.
  • The WORDPRESS app.  For some reason, yet unknown,my typing is white-on-white. In other words, my words are invisible as I create a post.  Not so on the app.  Whew!  (If you know why, tell me, please.)

Now back to work.  This is the week of the triple deadline:  a monthly newspaper, a weekly newspaper, an ASQ1212 newsletter, and a flute performance on Sunday.  And yes, a Friday Launch Party.

Here’s the details.  I hope I see you there:

Adela Crandell Durkee is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: A Ship of Pearl Book launch party

Time: Sep 30, 2016 6:00 PM (GMT-5:00) Central Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,490324980# or +16465588656,490324980#

Or Telephone:

Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 490 324 980

International numbers available:

So what’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please share.  Readers always remind me of more things that deserve remembering.





Photo Friday: A recipe in pictures

Everything you need (whoops, baking soda missed the photo-op.):


Cream together 3# of peanut butter & 1# butter


Add a dozen eggs, 1 T corn syrup and 2 T Vanilla


Get ready to use those muscles you’ve been developing.

Cream in 4 cups of white sugar and 2# brown sugar


Add 18 cups of quick oatmeal. Yes 18 cups! and 8 teaspoons backing soda.


Add a total of 3# of bits (nuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, M&Ms, peanut butter chips, or whatever else you like.)


Put on cookie sheet with ice cream scoop and flatten, dipping cup in a mixture of sugar and salt.


Bake at 350°F for 12-15 minutes. Makes a monstrous amount of monster sized cookies.


Enough to enjoy, share, freeze, etc.

Great with a glass of milk and a good book. (A Ship of Pearl, maybe.)


Or you could hop over to Jen’s and see what real Photographers are up to.

Pierced Wonderings

Gratitude Monday: A day of rest?

Last night I celebrated with a t-bone steak, fresh potatoes from the garden, a glass of wine, and monster cookies.  Why?  Loved-One and I completed the  last round of book proofing. Oh my, proofing a book is more difficult that writing it.  So tedious, not much fun.  But here’s the good part:  after writing, revising, reading, listening, revising, reading, I got kinda sick of looking at my writing.  Proofing forced me to sit down, read, and look for nits to pick.  Guess what?  I, as a reader, I really like A Ship of Pearl.  And as an author, I really like the cover.  And as a gratitude practitioner, I am so, so grateful for all the people who helped me and all the people who share my enthusiasm.  A special shout-out to Jena Henry, who reached out this weekend and offered to help me promote my books.  Thank you, Jena.book1_headshot_low copy

I’m feeling a little frenzied, so it’s a good time to stop, take a deep breath, and count my blessings.

image1 Here’s a few more of the many things that fill my life with abundance:

  • A four day respite with Mom.  I know I bring her up a lot, but hey, I’m a lucky daughter.  She continues to inspire me with her wisdom, her strength, and her love of life.
  • Himalayan Salt Blocks.  I bought one of these on a whim.  A five-pound block of pink salt.  Loved-One rolled his eyes.  Put it on the grill until it’s hot, then cook on top of it.  Yummy.  Just brush it off, and it’s ready for next time.
  • Chicago Writers Conference.  I’m so looking forward to this conference.  I’m staying at a friends condo, within walking distance.  I love the city.  Perhaps I should have been a city girl.  Loved-One promises to join me for at least one evening.Chicago 4
  • Cool nights and prescription eye drops.  Windows opened for wonderful night sounds, bring on the allergy response.  Thanks to the drops, I am defense ready.
  • Two Grandmas and a Little Girl Flute Trio.  We’ll be performing in a couple of weeks.  We’ve each practiced separately, so yesterday was our first time together.  Wonderfully fun.  Little Girl can roll her tongue and play the flute.  I’ve got something to work on.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  I love the way you remind me of more ways that I am blessed.

Photo Friday: Chicken Yard

This week I visited Mom.  In turn, we visited her sister, Anne,

Anne’s home has chickens in the yard.  

 I bet you never thought of chickens that way.

chickens-1 chickens-2 chickens-3 chickens-4 chickens-5



What’s in your lens this week? I’d love to take a peek.
If you’re interested in great photos, please hop over to Pierced Wondering, by clicking her button, below. So many great photographers link up there.

 Pierced Wonderings

Gratitude Monday: Abundance

Today I’m taking Amtrak to visit Mom.  Of course the first two things on my list are Mom and Amtrak.  There so many reasons I’m thankful for Mom. She a good person and a good role model, and she’s really, really strong.  Plus, she shared some of her genes with me, so I’m on my way to being good and strong, too!

I have the senior discount for Amtrak (Yay! for persistence and health!) The tickets are really reasonable.  I love Amtrak because it’s comfortable, and it has WiFi.  I can read or write or nap or look out the window or visit with a neighbor.  Today I will write Flash Fiction and enter a contest.

Comfort zone busting.  Yes, that was me on FB live.  Holy Guacamole, that was super-tough, and I feel silly.  But, hey, I did it. And I’m entering a contest.  Another comfort zone busing experience.  If you didn’t see me on FaceBook, here’s a photo.  I’m much more comfortable with stills.

Loved One and I have enough produce from our garden to share and to preserve.

I have a whole lot of other things on my gratitude list this week: health, friends, beautiful weather, people who love me. But I have a train to catch.

Is it enough to say that I feel really blessed to have so many people who love me and support me.  My life is truly abundant.

What’s on your gratitude list this week? Please leave a comment.  What you share almost always makes me count another blessing.





Photo Friday: Up, Up, and Away

This week I went to the Inaugural Balloon Fest in a tiny town near me.  I saw the dawn launch.  So much fun. And people were there from as far away as Brazil!

 Several years ago, Loved-One got me a balloon ride for a Christmas present.  There is nothing like floating above the earth, quiet (for the most part.)  It’s a ton of work, too.  Especially for the ground-crew.

















I have some lovely panorama views, too.  They’re pretty big.  If you want to take a peek, check out my Instagram (1000_Words_Worth.) or click on the button in the right side panel.

If you like these iPhone photos, hop on over to and see how the professionals do it. Jen’s got some gorgeous photos of clouds. I think she’s as fascinated with clouds as I am.

It’s clouds illusions I recall. I really don’t know clouds, at all.

Pierced Wonderings

Installment #2: The Party Platform: Democrats and PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP

A couple of weeks ago, I compared the Democratic and Republican Platforms on how they each plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, just click this link, It’s all about the jobs and the economy. Besides, the Presidents, we have a lot of thinking to do about everyone who runs for a seat in our government.  I’m encouraging an informed vote.

The remainder of the platforms are not that easy to compare side-by-side.  Plus, it’s a lot of reading for me, but more importantly, for you.  I’m sort of having fun sifting through the rhetoric to find the meat of what each party wants for the country.

Just so I can keep everything straight, I put the information into a simple chart, like I would for corporate goals.  This is also the way CoCo’s Individual Education Plans got laid out, too.  Pretty easy to understand; I think:  We will______________ by_____________ so that______________ happens. Previously, I added a column for how the action will be financed, too.  Sadly, it would be completely empty for this piece of the analysis, so stuck to just three columns.

Today’s Installment is about

There’s a lot here. Some things I agree with, some I don’t, and some make me scratch my head.  It helps to lay everything out in this format, don’t you think?

I already took a look at the Republican’s A REBIRTH OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. My next installment will be cover that part of the party’s platform.

Continue reading

Should we encourage the uniformed to vote?

I’m back from the Labor Day weekend.  I hope you rested from your labor and enjoyed beautiful weather.  As the daylight dwindles, I know I appreciate every day with clear skies and moderate temperatures.


This morning I woke to NPR’s Morning Edition and Steve Inskeep. Okay, it was the third “snooze,” when I finally paid attention to Steve talking to

. Kareem doesn’t want us to encourage uninformed voters to vote. Marc thinks what’s going on in today’s politics goes way beyond an intelligent voting population. He can say it much better than I.



Today I plan to prepare my second installment of my assessment of the Republican and Democratic platforms for the 2016 election.  For my first assessment, click here.  It’s all about jobs and the economy. Stayed-tuned for tomorrow’s post.  I put it on the back burner, while I attended to publication of A Ship of Pearl. Now I’m ready.

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