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Month: October 2013

Hip, Hippie, Hipster. Isn’t It Ironic?

Saturday, Loved One and I had our annual Halloween Party with the grand-kids.  Duckie had the idea 10 years ago, and it evolved to a tradition. This year, 13-year-old Elaine came in a black shirt and pants, a pink cape and a black hat.  The kind Justin Timberlake wears in his “Suit and Tie” video That song makes me think he’s ready to have children.  Plus, I like the line that goes something like, “so thick, now I know why they call it a fattie.” —  I could love a man like that, and he can dance, too. Ahhh… I…

Dawn of the Creepy Witches’ Fingers

My friend, Dawn, brought these cookies to work one year.  Some people could hardly stand to look at them.  Creepy witches’ fingers are now part of our Halloween fun.  And every year, I think of Dawn.  The recipe is super-easy to follow and only takes a few ingredients. You need: butter flour almonds vanilla almond flavoring powdered sugar baking powder salt red gel icing. The original recipe calls for blanched whole almonds.  For some reason, these are hard to find.  Slice almonds work well, they look like dirty fingernails.  Whole almonds work just as well also. This recipe really does…

Photo Friday: When is Lunch?

Is that a 30 minute lunch, or an hour lunch? The pharmacist who saw me snap this picture kindly explained, I know, it’s confusing.  We HAVE to get out of here by 2:30.  No exceptions.  So we MUST break for lunch by 2:15. And just when I though I figured out what the sign was supposed to mean, someone had to go and clarify.

A “Simply Saline” Giveaway

Loved-One loves the Netti pot.  I recognize its value and use it in desperation.  Understand, I was physically and emotionally damaged in my childhood by nose-drops.  Not to mention lunchroom self-torture by laughing with a mouthful of chocolate milk that erupted out my nose.  More than once.

Photo on 2-11-13 at 4.42 PM

Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Photo of book page by Rev. Doctor Peepers

Do you ever make yourself a cup of Tear-Water Tea?  I do.  The story is from Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel.   Owl feels blue, so he sits down and thinks of everything that makes him sad.  He begins to cry.  He collects his tears in a kettle.

These are some of the things that make me sad:

The Best Pumpkin Pancakes in the Whole Wide World

I got this recipe from Epicurious. I love the app for my iPad,  I can add the ingredients to my shopping list, or e-mail the recipe to a friend.  I have two cautions to offer: read the comments.  Sometimes people alter the recipe so much that what they actually prepared is far from the original recipe. Some recipes are complicated and use a lot of dishes and time.  Once I prepared a marvelous pie-crust that was as buttery as the best short-bread cookie.  It took two days to prepare:  in and out of the freezer, cutting butter into thirds, then…

Tina Fey: My Dream Guide

Last night I had an interesting and vivid dream:   I went to a writers conference for women.  A veteran shepherded each new attendees.  I got Tina Fey. We walked among the new and veteran writers; all women, many of performers from Saturday Night Live. (Maybe they’re all writers; I don’t really know.  It was a dream.) “Oh my,”  I said under my breath.  “It looks like she really gained weight.” I nodded toward a comedienne who had grown in girth since the last time I saw her on SNL. “Let that be a warning to you,” said Tina.  “She…

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