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Month: May 2015

Photo Friday Linkup: Spring Flowers

I set of this morning to capture honeybees for an article I wrote about “colony collapse.” Too windy for honeybees. I love how my little Sony CyberShot captured these flowers.  The veins of the Irises look better in the photo than my aging eyes saw them.  And I never noticed how hairy Columbine stems are. The door that hides my memory stick and battery keeps popping open.  I probably need a new camera soon.  Any suggestions? What’s in your lens this week?  Please let me take a peek by linking up with the code below.

Maxxinista in Black and White

I admire Valarie. We met when CoCo joined Weight Watchers.  I get to sit at the meetings with CoCo, because she can’t drive. Valerie works the scales.  She is so encouraging and upbeat.  She takes the time to chat about our latest grocery find, or share coupons.  Valarie shops at the grocery where CoCo works.  “See ya Thursday morning.” Valarie always has her smile on.  No matter how stylish the outfit, as Orphan Annie says, You’re never fully dressed without a smile. Valarie always, always, always takes time to listen.  I mean really listen.  I’m still working on my listening skills.…

It’s STEM DAY: Just Bee-Have (It’s the right thing to do)

You can order a queen through the mail. It’s written in the U.S. Postal Code.  Queens are that important. No, not that kinds of queen. Honeybee queens. What? North America didn’t even have honeybees until Europeans brought them here. Today, 1 out of every 3 bites of food are directly or indirectly on our tables because of the honeybee. Whoa Nelly.  That amounts to $15 million in crops each year.  Even more incredible is that for more than 10 years, beekeepers lost 1/3 of their bees each year due to” colony collapse” disorder.  Luckily, the post office can help.  Bee colonies…

Gratitude Monday

Flag IMG_1960It’s Memorial Day.  Today’s paper has the names of all the soldiers from this county who died in wars, beginning from the Civil War. I live in a county that a few medium-sized cities, small villages, along with many farms and preserved open spaces.  The number of soldiers willing to give their life for a cause they believe in is astounding:

Civil War:  345 soldiers

WWI:  90 soldiers

WWII:  293 soldiers

Photo Friday: Bee Friended

Last night I interviewed a long-time friend, Tina, about her hobby.  She and her dad are beekeepers. Turns out her dad wanted to be a beekeeper since he was 10 years old. Tina noticed a class at the community college and the rest is history. Dad is 83 years old now and still out their living 80 pound beehives along with Tina. I learned a lot about bees and how they work, work, work.  I learned the origin of “freebie.” Yes, when you get something for nothing.  I learned about colony collapse. I’m writing a feature for the local paper, but…

Going Casual in my Costco clothes and Eliza B’s

Today it’s cold and dreary.  I want summer.  But I’m practical, too. It’s that time of the month again: three deadlines all at once.  Lucky me.  I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon. A white crochet knit sweater with a white camisole underneath, tops off my skinny jeans.  Both the sweater and jeans are Costco finds.  The cami is from The Loft. I took a tip from 50Feeling40, with a tunic top over skinnies. I slipped on my Eliza B’s just because I want summer so bad.   I love my Eliza B’s.  For more about these wonderful, made to…

Philosophy and Ecology

I was in fifth or sixth grade, the first time I questioned mankind’s desire to control Mother Nature. Teacher talked about Niagra Falls and how the fast flowing water was quickly eroding the beautiful Falls.  Two countries of engineer and experts set about to stop this from happening.  I raised my hand: Might we be stopping something even more beautiful from happening? After all, isn’t that the way the Grand Canyon got here? Teacher gave a now familiar expression.  The one that communicates “you ask too many questions.” Years later, Dr. Koch, a PhD in ecology, spoke to my college class with…

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