Photo Friday: A Mile in These Shoes

Within a month of moving to Chicagoland, I took an overnight business trip.  My boss, Cathy, agreed to stay with my kids and get them off to school.  (I know. Who has a boss like that?)  I admit, I fretted a bit.  Would they behave? Teens, you know.

“I never saw such big shoes.” Cathy’s eyes got big and round.  “He’s only in junior high.”

We took our shoes off at the door.  There she spied the biggest shoes she ever saw. Cathy told everyone at work what big shoes Wrestler #2 wore.  Incredulous.

I think of Cathy every time I see Mr. D, my grandson’s shoes.  He’s in eight grade. Those are my feet beside his shoes.

IMG_5362Something tells me Mr. D. will have no trouble walking in his father’s footsteps.

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OFOTW #2: Kicking into Spring

Okay,this picture shows I’m uncomfortable with this “Outfit of the Week” Project.  My fashion blogger friend, says she always takes faces out of the post.  I wonder if my face will start to look relaxed and comfortable as my project progresses.

DSC06154I really, really want spring and warmer weather to get here.  It’s not.  It’s Continue reading

STEM Tuesday: Human Microbiome

This is the first of a slew of posts on the Human Microbiome.  As a former microbiologist, and constant lover of the Little Life, this project just blows my mind.


Did you know?

The Human Microbiome Project is not pseudo-science.  It’s an interdisciplinary project funded by NIH.

Could you guess?

Our Little Life (our micro-flora) carries out activities that are not part of our genetic coding and are essential  for our health.  So when we talk about the “human genome” we should think of it as an amalgam of human genes and those of our microbes.

Can you picture it?

Only 10% of the cells that make up the human body are human. The rest is microorganisms. Of course, microbial cells are generally way tinier than human cells, so although out-numbering human cells, they only make up about 2 pounds of every 100 of ours.

Can you imagine?

The project has an Ethics component.  Besides new medicines, regulations, and other health implications, the discoveries may alter how we define what it means to be human.

Did you phantom?

Scientists have isolated microorganisms in every tissue of our bodies except the brain. They believe it’s only a matter of time before the Little Life is found there, too.

Did you know?

The birth process and a baby nursing gives babies just the right mix of Little Life to digest the food and begin to set up a healthy micro-flora.

Did you understand?

A regimen of antibiotics can alter the Little Life helping us stay healthy. It can take up to two years to return our micro-flora to “normality.” What we eat, who we hang out with, and where we live all play a part in what makes up our Little

The 1st Annual Translational Microbiome Conference is in Boston this coming May. Subjects covered include Women’s Health, COPD, Obesity, Dermatology, and more.  The cost of registration is way more than my budget can tolerate, so I asked to volunteer.  If accepted, I’ll find a way to get there.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Maybe they’ll want a blogger in their midst.



Gratitude Monday:  Snow again

It’s late in the day. I failed to start the day writing my gratitudes.  Still, I did a lot of contemplating.  I had time because I spent the morning and most of the afternoon waiting. Talking. Waiting. Talking. Waiting. So here I go:

  • 4-wheel drive. I woke to snow. Three inches of it. By 6, CoCo, CeCe, and I began a drive to the surgi-center an hour away, for CeCe’s out-patient surgery. (Nothing serious, just a little repair work.) I supposed local road crews believed the first day of spring meant no more snow.  I suppose they are new to the area, or are just plain hopeful, like the rest of us.
  • Branches ladened with snow.  Yes, the snow really is beautiful. Gorgeous.
  • Bonus grand-children and birthday parties.  Mr. B hid his dimples behind a Skylander mask and played Commodore video games throughout his party. And he was adorable doing it.  Oh that we were all so free to be and enjoy just who we are right now in this moment.
  • Sister love and employers who accommodate.  CoCo found out about CeCe’s surgery and without a second thought asked for the day off so she could be with her sister. Such a caring thing to do. So nice for her employer to find a way to accommodate her. Extra nice that CoCo’s employer also found some extra hours to substitute.
  • Sugar blown roses.  I watched a culinary student make these at a Career Expo.  Who could eat something so beautiful? 
  • Loved-One’s constancy.  He filled in as caretaker for CeCe’s five kids, home for spring break. I know I sing his praises a lot, but I can’t help it.  He is like Aaron is to Moses. (Not that I’m a great leader.  Think quiet supporter.)
  • WordPress for iPad new upgrade.  I can see my photo-inserts.  Yay! Thank you WordPress.
  • Re-runs and Netflix. Remember “Freaks and Geeks?”  Probably not.  It only had 18 episodes of pure genious. (Jason Segel, James Franco, Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, Seth Rogen all in one sit-com.)
  • Sunday breakfast with grandchildren. Breakfast pizza and sparkling apple juice is so much more fun with kids.  Maybe everything is.

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Photo Friday: Out of Africa?

Monday evening I had dinner with some of my cronies. I drove over to a congested suburb. I took the hour-long commute to the area where I worked before I started working for the most difficult, yet most understanding, boss ever. (Me.)

Two of my friends retired. The third, Linda, worries about being made redundant by an eminent take-over. (I love the polite British term for losing a job.) The four of us catch up.

Magnificence greets us at the door as we leave:


As beautiful as the sunsets in Africa. Looking out over the parking lot, I hardly know I’m in the city. A peace comes with such beauty.

There’s one more thing adding a bit more dramatic red  to the landscape.  See it almost at the left, bottom edge?  A police car.


I drive into this beauty, watching it go from golden pink to scarlet, to navy-blue, and  finally sink into blackness, as I trek back home.

(Photos taken with my iPhone5, no enhancements.)

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I’m not going to post an outfit everyday.  Holy smokes, I’m not that brave or that confident.  Heck, I probably don’t even have enough clothes for that.

Maybe there’s some room in fashion for an unconscious competent.  Someone who likes to get dressed and not think about it again. Continue reading

STEM Tuesday #1

BAM and my new friend, Pam inspired me to write more about what rocks me:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology.

So Tuesday, that’s what I plan to do.Stem Girls 6

To start with, the need to get kids, particularly girls interested in STEM mystifies me. These topics attract me as much as chocolate calls out to me the drawer where I hid it.  I believe that’s always been true.

Once I asked Mom why she got me books about space and animals and the human body and other things about science and technology.  What made her think I’d like those things.

“You already did,” she said. She dismissed the notion Continue reading

Gratitude Monday

Oh thank goodness for warmer weather.  After driving through the aftermath of snow in Kentucky, I am thankful for the great snow removal efforts we have here in Illinois.  We complain about cold and snow, and wish it got cleared and salted faster than it does, but our slow-down is nothing compared to Kentucky.  Anyways, the snow is almost gone there and here.  I know we have more cold weather on the way. Still, a respite is a blessing.

♥  New growth: Daffodils and crocuses are finally pushing through the soil.  Yay.

♥  Another history making event.   Continue reading