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Photo Friday: Ain’t That Some Shh…..

Interesting California Law.  Probably a good idea to stay out of the pool with diarrhea.  But I have some questions: What is inactive diarrhea? Who’s enforcing this law?  Is it the lifeguard’s duty? (Tee-hee, duty) Fourteen days?  Really?   $300.00 fine for a pool accident? Holy Crap! A side-note: at the same time California enacted the “diarrhea law,” they repealed the part that required wading pools to be sufficiently clear to see the bottom of the pool.

NaWriPoMo #14: Micro-environmental Disaster

Today’s NaWriPoMo prompt (optional, as always) is a little something I’m calling “Twenty Questions.” The idea is to write a poem in which every sentence, except for the last one, is in the form of a question. That’s it! Micro-environmental disaster Is it the sugar?  Is it the fat? Is lack of exercise to blame? Could it be simpler than that? Diabetes? obesity? Asthma? Isn’t it a shame? So many woes; What is the solution? Chemical? Environment? Food? Are we doomed? Could it be a re-evolution? Your ‘crobes, my ‘crobes; Could be our micro-biodome. Related articles Poetry Prompt #14 –…

Game Plan Report: April 2014

Okay, maybe I should make Distraction my middle name.  (My initials will be ADD.  Hmmm…) Most the time I’m pretty focused; I just want to do so many different things.  Along came Candy Crush.  I wasn’t even interested, until all my favorite TV shows started including it as part of the current culture.  I don’t even like it, but I keep playing.  Get behind me Candy Crush; I have A Game Plan.

My Game plan for 2014:

  1. Get my novel published:  I will get editors, a cover designer, and a publisher.  I will.

    Progress:  Rod passed my manuscript and author profile on to the Senior Editor at Harvest House.  I got a very nice rejection e-mail from him.  He said, in part:   “I looked at your submission and the writing is better than most I see, so I do think you’re a good writer. But…  I want to encourage you to keep writing and keep sharpening your craft. ”  Oh now, that’s good-bad news, isn’t it.Guy KawasakiSo

Gratitude Monday

I love the idea of starting the week out with a gratitude list.  Thank you, Laurel, over at Alphabet Salad.  For one thing, it gives me an easy jump-start to writing.  For another thing, all day Sunday, I look around and see my life is abundant. In no particular order: The numbers 55 and 65. No, not speed limits. Yesterday’s and today’s high temperatures. Now that’s more like it. My Prius. It’s 10 years old and still going strong. No rust, over 160,000 miles. Most important, the low gas mileage lets me get in and take a 1 1/2 hour…

A Perfect Storm Takes a Village: How Raising Funds Gives Back to the Community

DSCN5304My daughter did this!  I’m so proud of her.  She inspires me in so many ways.  She is a go-getter, and she’s a giver.  (She’s the grown up bossy little girl I told you about before.)

“4 Momz 2 Momz” is the perfect storm of service organizations’ fundraisers.  Twice a year it raises money for Moms United; it helps local families, and it helps local charities.

Moms United is fellowship group run through Marengo’s Zion Lutheran Church.  The group is open to the public and meets the third Thursday of each month during the school year. The “4 Momz 2 Momz” fundraiser helps pay for Christian  based speakers who cover topics like finances, motherhood, women’s friendships, and marriage.

“4 Momz 2 Momz” is the brainchild of Cecily who, as a mother of five children, knows that kids’ clothing, strollers, books, and toys take a big bite out of every family’s budget.  She and her friend Jacki 

Be Bossy

I am surprised to find out about Beyonce’s Ban Bossy Campaign led by Beyoncé.  “I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss,” is her tag-line.  I get your position Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Garner, Sheryl Sandberg, et al. Bossy, Lippy, Smarty Pants.  Maybe these terms mean to remind little girls to be nice.  Maybe they’re even meant to remind grown women to be nice.  Still, rather than ban these words, I think we should embrace them. What’s wrong with being a Smarty Pants, or being Bossy?  I want at least one Lippy person in my group; someone unafraid to tell me what’s…

Osteomyelitis, Part 4: Are we in a Roundabout?

It’s been six months since Duckie’s last surgery; now three years since she began her “My Legs Hurt,” chronic complaint.  If you are catching up, here’s Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Duckie with one of her favorite Chicago Sky Players
Duckie with one of her favorite Chicago Sky Players

Duckie’s went back to see Dr. Bone.  Why?  Because Dr. Bone and Dr. Traumbone merged practices.  Dr. Bone greats us like long, lost friends.  He looks at Duckie’s leg, he has her walk, he takes X-rays.  Everything is as good as…  Well, everything is good. 

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