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Trust that the Path will Clear

IMG_0039I didn’t want to write today.  I felt empty.  Down-in-the dumps.  What’s the point?  What do I have to say that anyone wants to hear.

I meditate.  I read some of my book for book club.  I read some of novel I wrote.  I read some blogs.  I discover a new blog through my link-up with Laurel’s Gratitude Monday.  It’s “Mother of Nine.”  Rather than inspired and gracious, I feel frustrated and jealous.

I feel even less motivated to write.  Woe is me; I should make myself some Tear Water Tea.

I go outside to work on my water garden.  Physical labor is what I need.

Each spring, I must re-level the pond edges.  Winter freezes, thaws, heaves, and settles my creation.  Water is the great revealer.  Water seeps from the low spots.  Water points out I am no longer near perfect in my creation.

Monday30 1 (1)
Completely on accident (I only hung them here to dry) my gloves reflect my woeful mood.

I lug rocks and shovel dirt and check with my level.  I am ready to fill up again.  This year I will build a retaining wall in hopes of staving off winters damage.

I am hot.  I am

Gratitude Monday: The Little Things

Sometimes life seems to plod along with little excitement.  No unhappiness, no drama, no big plans.  Ho-hum.  That, in itself, is reason to be grateful.  In the boring humdrum of everyday, comes a space to listen. Making Gratitude Monday a habit has propelled me to jot some simple pleasures down throughout the week, reminding me how much I have. Here are this weeks, in no particular order: Lilies of the Valley:  tiny, little flowers full of fragrance.  This beauties are so tiny and delicate. Yet, they are so strong that the bunch of them are pushing the landscaping fabric out…

Moms’ Night Out

English: Group of girls from The Madeira Schoo...Beanie asked me to join her and several of her friends for a girls night at the movies, a girls night out to see the movie, Moms’ Night Out.  I know, a little confusing.  But that was just the beginning.


Beanie my raucous girl.  She makes me laugh until tears stream down my cheeks.  I imagined for Moms’ Night Out  like Bridesmaids, or maybe the women’s version of The Hangover.  Funny, but raw.

Gratitude Monday: Happy Mother’s Day

First of all, Thank you Mom, for providing such a beautiful template to follow.  As we all say, “If my kids someday feel about me the way I feel about you, I will have succeeded.”  Patient, kind, loving, hard-assed, and occasional screaming banshee fit thrower.  You expected the best from me and gave me your all.  Thank you!


In no particular order, here’s what came to mind Sunday afternoon:

  1. Good knees:  So many people I know suffer from weak-knees (literally and figuratively.)  I’m thankful my literal knees are holding up so I can Zomba, hula-hoop, move rocks, lift weights, and climb hills.  I thankful for strong figurative knees, too.  I can thank Mom for teaching me not to be weak-kneed.
  2. Noosa yogurt :  Ooooo it’s the best.  Noosa is so smooth and rich, it’s like eating the full fatted yogurt.  Yes, it’s 280 calories for 8 ounces with 14 grams of protein.  Add some wheat crackers and I’ve got a good lunch.
  3. Thick hair:  A little thinning, but still thick.  Yes, I must use a shine enhancer and pomade to keep those wiry silver ones in place, but a least they are there.
  4. Thoughtful children:  I am exhausted from the pampering of four grown children and their families.
  5. Koi:  They survived the winter and a couple of hungry hawks that are still circling my water garden.
  6. Houseplants:  I have a continuous supply of green all year long.  This week they are going outside for their annual adventure in the wilds of nature.
  7. Duckyisms:  Ah she makes me laugh.  Today it was, “I’m as sharp as a doorknob.”  Me too, Duckie, me too.
  8. Chocolate:  Especially with caramel, especially with nuts, especially dark, or milk, or semi-sweet.  Especially.
  9. Church:  A place to worship, meditate, meet friends, and play my flute.  What a great way to start each week.
  10. Laurel:  You remind me to start each week focusing on abundance.  Life is good.Check out who else is on the Gratitude Monday Link-up.  Monday, Monday, You can trust that day.

“Mean Girls” Can It Be Ten Years?

Today is the 10th anniversary of the movie, Mean Girls.  Actually, when you read this, the anniversary will be yesterday.  I’m writing my posts a day before I actually post them, so… Alexandra Petri’s editorial celebrating Tina Fey’s film Mean Girls in this morning’s paper reads “Tuesday is Wednesday, on Wednesday we wear pink.” Maybe it’s because it is Tuesday when I’m reading Petri, maybe it’s because I’m as clueless as Petri was in Junior High, or maybe it’s because the Mean Girl rules make as much sense as, well, as much sense as my mis-read of Petri’s editorial. Double-take: …

Gratitude(Post) Monday

It’s Gratitude Monday!  I should do this every Sunday and post first thing Monday.  But here it is Monday at 11, and I am reminded by my friend Laurel to be thankful. So here’s the first ten things that pop into my head. I have enough ideas going on in my head, that I have to write them down, so I don’t forget.  I more things to write about than time to write. My allergies are bothering me.  That means the trees are budding and the weather will be warm soon.  Still, I think it’s a bit of a cruel…

Photo Friday: Ain’t That Some Shh…..

Interesting California Law.  Probably a good idea to stay out of the pool with diarrhea.  But I have some questions: What is inactive diarrhea? Who’s enforcing this law?  Is it the lifeguard’s duty? (Tee-hee, duty) Fourteen days?  Really?   $300.00 fine for a pool accident? Holy Crap! A side-note: at the same time California enacted the “diarrhea law,” they repealed the part that required wading pools to be sufficiently clear to see the bottom of the pool.

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