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Meet Steve Drain, fitness trainer at TNT

  Loved-One pointed out an article in the Northwest Herald about a local high school basketball player who lost 45 pounds during the off-season. I’m not much of a sports fan. I’m usually along for the companionship, unless I know the athlete. But… I did have teenage boys, I do have teenage grandson’s,  My experience with teenaged boys is that they just eat and eat and eat until all the food is gone.  They don’t even seem to know when they are full. I’ve been interested in nutrition, weight loss, and exercise most of my adult And… I love to…

Hope Heroes

When Hurricane Harvey hit, 32 year-old Ryan Gergan wanted to help.  But what could he do, living in the mostly rural northern Illinois county. He has a wife, a 18 month-old daughter, and he’s the Director of IT, a demanding job with a grueling commute.  Still, he couldn’t sit by and do nothing, so he started what he thought would be a one-time effort to help people who were falling between the cracks of other outreach efforts. Then the Las Vegas shooting massacre , Mexico City earthquakes, the catastrophic California wildfires, the First Baptist Church shooting, and hurricane Maria followed in…

‘Tis the Season….

Did you know that December is the biggest month for charitable giving?  Here’s some statistics I got from Neon

  • Nearly one-third (31%) of annual giving occurs in December;

  • 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year;

  • 28% of nonprofits raise between 26 and 50% of their annual funds from their year-end ask.

  • Volunteers are twice as Likely to Donate than Non Volunteers.

  • Two-thirds of people do not research before giving

Although that may be part of it, someone a little more jaded than me said December is the last chance to get a tax deduction for charitable giving.

Some of us start traditions around giving. Rez Book Club does just that.  This year we are giving books to The Diaper Bank of Northern Illinois.  The mission of THE DIAPER BANK OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS is to give diapers for the infants and children of low-income families, disabled children and adults, the elderly, and the sick, in an effort to improve the daily health, safety, and conditions of their lives. In December, diapers come with gift-wrapped books.

Inspired by Bill Clinton: Free Guitars

Have you ever had a moment when something someone said, that you ignored at the time, comes back to you like a gentle nudge?  It happens to me all the time.  Like when my sister Deanna scolded me for failing to remember that we were pretty lucky to have a mother that provided a good role model.  At the time, I volunteered with Aids-affected children.  Some of the children had addiction, too.  I complained to Deanna about the irresponsible mothers.  Deanna had been a public health nurse for years.  “Those mothers love their children, too,” she scolded.  “There doing the best they…

Autumn’s Voice

“You know what? Writers don’t compete with each other,” Kimberly Schumacher said, raising her eyebrows at me. I had just confessed a twinge of jealousy about an author invited for a book signing at a local book store. Anne Lamott, author of one of my favorite books on writing, Bird by Bird, assures me a boatload of jealousy is normal.  I just have a bit, not a boatload. “That’s because each of our stories is unique,” she went on. So true. People have different reading appetites.  I suppose it’s like expecting someone to like triple fudge brownies, even if she’s are…

Cousoumeh! Steel pan concert.

Have you gotten a chance to listen and see a Steelpan band?  If not, please find one and take a few minutes to close your eyes and listen.  Here. I met the inspirational, Matthew Potts back in February.  See those red drum-looking things?  Do they look a bit familiar?  He and Ronald Matthews made them from 55-gallon drums.  The two met in April at the Great Lakes Steel Pan Festival that Matt created a couple of years ago.  The two decided they’d find a way to bring the steel pan orchestra, from Trinidad and Tobago.  By August, mission accomplished. Did…

Citizenship is bipartisan

This morning I said to Loved-One, “Due to Trump, good things are happening.” “Like what?” he replied through a fog of sleep.  It was 5:00, afterall. “Well, Congress is taking steps to curb Executive Orders,” I said.  “That began a downward spiral with GWB, and got worse with Obama.” “True.” “And Congress is finally realizing who their boss is.  Not the President, but us.”  Loved-One is not a morning person, so I had the bully pulpit. “And a whole lot of citizens realize it’s up to us to let our Congressmen know what we want and need.” That made me…

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