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Come meet Paul Rausch: Music Teacher

I’m one of those people who could be a career students.  I loved school from the very first day of kindergarten.  I looked forward to homework. And tests were something I took to prove to myself I knew what was important. Of course I loved my teachers.  Well, most of them. There were a few bad apples. My life has almost always revolved around the school calendar.  I married a teacher, then we had children. After that I went back to school (twice.) I have teachers as family and teachers as friends.  My son is a teacher and so are…

Special Olympics and Cop on Top

Police Officers once called this event “Cop on Top.”    Maybe that’s why they changed the name to “Cop on a Rooftop.” CoCo takes a day off of work and volunteers at the local Dunkin’ Donuts with her friend, Kathy.  Did you know that the first International Special Olympics took place in Illinois?  Did you know that police departments around the state help support Special Olympics to the tune of $2.3 million?  Read more about Cop of a Roof Top by clicking here. That’s CoCo and her friend, Kathy in the photo.     Related articles Cops Get On Donut…

Distinguished Alumni in the House!

One of the best things about being a photojournalist is that I get to meet all kinds of interesting people.  Last week I covered three people who followed their passion, forged their own path, and graduated from college as “non-traditional students.”  For those of you who don’t know, “non-traditional” usually applies to students who started, or went back to school, long after high school.  I appreciate that path, since I graduated from SVSU (Go Cardinals) after I had four children, and I got my Master degree after I had at least four grandchildren. This week, join me in saying congratulations to…

1,000 Words Worth 2017-15

Each Friday,  To find out more click here. My commute via Chicago’s Green-Line L train inspired this post, “Scenes from the train.”   Eleanor slipped through the doors just as the robotic voice announce, “Doors are closing.”  She looked around for a place to sit in the packed train car.  Not near someone over-cologned; not near the man-spread, not near that lady with a cat in her baby carriage. She found just the right nesting spot: between the professional-looking man in his mid-twenties, and the mildly obese woman in a suede jacket.  Definitely a student. Seven stops.  That’s all.  Eleanor…

Home of the Sparrow

I love my photo-journalism job.  I get to cover so many worthwhile causes.  I love the way the people in  my county and my community come together to help each other out.  In this case, I’ve been a helper, and I’ve been helped.  Home of the Sparrow helps women who find themselves precariously housed.  It might be because of unemployment, widowhood, abuse, or, well, for any reason.   Read here to find out more.  (That’s CoCo in the photo with her brand new kitchen table that she purchased from the Sparrow’s Nest.)

Logan’s Heart

The best part about my journalist work is the people I come in contact with.  Last month I (virtually) met Logan Vallee and his family.  Logan’s been waiting all of his life for a new heart.  He was born with “half a heart.”    And that’s not even considering the hearts and souls of all the people who love and admire him. Read all about Logan in the Marengo Union Times. Here’s one of the photos Logan’s mom shared with me.

Impressed by a 10-year-old

You know what 10-year-old Ethan Laudick does for fun?  He creates  snacks.  His favorite cooking show is Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen.  Ethan’s Mom throws down challenges to Ethan and his friends by giving them 3-5 ingredients from her pantry and invites them to get creative.   Last year Ethan took second place at the future Chefs competition.  This year he took first place with this recipe? I had a lot of fun interviewing Ethan.  What an impressive boy!  (I’m impressed by his parents, too.). Read more and see photos here, where my story about him first appeared.

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