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Meet Author Gloria Doty and “Bring a Cowboy Home”

I met Gloria Doty a couple of years ago at my very first writers conference, Write to Publish. It’s the perfect place to get your feet wet meeting publishers and have your writing critiqued.  Oh my, what a wonderful, supportive group of people. My best-blogger-friend, Kim Sullivan told me about Write to Publish, and I jumped in feet first with her, not knowing it was also a Christian writers conference. Gloria and I have some things in common.  We’re about the same age, she’s a blogger, ≈we both have a special needs daughter, and we both write books. BRING A COWBOY…

STEM Tuesday: Meet Betty Trummel

Do you know some of the differences between the Antarctica and the Arctic? Which one is a continent? Which one has no mammals? Which one is dedicated to research? Which one allows commerce? Which one is where Santa Claus lives? Thanks to Betty Trummel, I do. Okay, I already knew that Santa lives at the North Pole and that’s the Arctic. I knew the Antarctic is a continent.  The Arctic is almost all ice and water, with small islands of land.  The Antarctica has no mammals, and it’s protected by a treaty, while the Arctic allows commerce. The main purpose…

Becki and Renée: Two Women with Style

becki Utley - 1Style is more than the way a woman looks or the clothes she wears.  It’s more than the way she carries herself.  It’s about who she is.  A couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to sit down with Becki Utley, and extraordinary woman.  She’s got style.

I found Becki almost by accident. Her Facebook Page popped up by some algorithm in the system. What a great idea, I thought.  People post “ISO” (in search of) what they need, and others post what they have to give away.

It all started when Utley needed things to help a friend. She tried Freecycle, but items got snatched up so fast, it seemed pointless to Becki. She decided to take matters into her own hands, so she started a Facebook page. Now she and Renée administer their Page together.

Becki began “rehoming” her baby clothes and furniture when she decided four children were enough for her. That was a little over two years ago; when she still lived in the affordable housing.  Now, she and her friend, Renée average 30 to 40 hours a week picking up, sorting, washing, and distributing clothes, furniture, and supplies to those in need. Renée has five children. The women also provide resource referrals for people who need assistance.

They have one rule:  Nothing gets re-sold. It’s all free.

Come Meet Author Vikki Claflin

VikkiC“The naked happy dance is more effective than medication for most of what ails us!” according to Vikki Claflin.

Why, her name even sounds like laughter.

I got a chance to sit down and chat with Vikki last week, and I’m still giggling. I want to know more about how she wrote her book Shake Rattle & Roll With It.

Vikki has an eye for detail that, surely, she got at birth, if not that,

You Ain’t Heavy…Well, not until some time goes by.

It’s throw back Thursday, so it’s time to head on over the Once A Little Girl and  Have you ever tried to lift a baby boy?  How about a calf?  Maybe a 16 year-old grandson? Or a full-grown cow? Find out why I tried.  Hop on over.  Just click the link.  Pretty please.  Once A Little Girl.  I hope you’re as tickled by the story as I am by the memory. I’d love to hear what kind or wisdom (or tricks) you dad did that stick like rubber-glue in your memory.

TBT: May Coronation

It’s Thursday, so that means a trip down memory lane.  Please join me on my other blog as I reminisce about small town, friends, and nuns. Click here to  get there: Queen of the May  I hope this memory makes you smile as much as it did me. Related articles Queen o’ the May Kalamazoo’s St. Monica Catholic School honors Mary on May Day

Renée Pampered Me with a Mohawk

Renée with her daughter Sadie

I met Renée twelve years ago. Almost exactly.  She did my long tresses in an undo for CeCe’s wedding.  She’s been making me feel beautiful ever since. Plus, she makes me laugh.  That first time I sat in her chair, she told me she had a real live ghost in her apartment.

“For real,” she said, her blue eyes wide, looking at me in the mirror.  Besides, she calls me a genius. How can I refuse to love Renée?  She makes me beautiful and she thinks I’m smart.

Renée is funny and she’s brave and she’s good.

Just a few months ago, she left the Big Name Salon where she worked for almost 18-year career, and ventured into a smaller salon. Sure, Big Name offered security and health insurance, but her new home, Salon Coccolé, offered something more important: freedom to pursue what she wants to do and a chance to grow and learn.  Her friend, mentor, and boss Donna Gentile encourages her to do that. For the first time in her career, thanks to Donna, Renée went to a Beauty Show where she met Ted Gibson Nick Arroyo of “What not to Wear” fame.

“Adela, you won’t believe how nice he is,” Renee’s blue eyes popped in the same way they did when she told me about her ghost. “He’s smaller than I thought he’d be, too.  He does cool makeovers.  He knows

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