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Category: Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Mother’s Day

Motherhood:  A long-term investment with amazing dividend. Thank you Mothers, Grandmothers, Step-mothers and God-mothers. Related articles Mother’s Day Owning our Health: A Letter to Mothers Motherhood: Precious and Powerful

Photo Friday: Ain’t That Some Shh…..

Interesting California Law.  Probably a good idea to stay out of the pool with diarrhea.  But I have some questions: What is inactive diarrhea? Who’s enforcing this law?  Is it the lifeguard’s duty? (Tee-hee, duty) Fourteen days?  Really?   $300.00 fine for a pool accident? Holy Crap! A side-note: at the same time California enacted the “diarrhea law,” they repealed the part that required wading pools to be sufficiently clear to see the bottom of the pool.

NaWriPoMo and Photo Friday: Seven Signs of Aging

Day 18:  I’m not following a prompt today.   I based his poem on a memory of a grandchild’s candor that still tickles me. Seven Signs of Aging Said Little Boy, while sitting in the tub, What are you doing to your face? “It’s eyes and throat I rub. An exercise in futility, The wrinkles to erase.” Said Little Boy, with smile all  broad and wise, Better put some round the back. O my Olay, I write to criticize? More than seven signs of aging. A child can tell you that.  

NaWriPoMo #11: Dessert (and a photo)

Day #11 NaWriPoMo challenge you to write about wine-and-love. Dessert Ahhh…the perfect pair. Not any red will do. The salad, the soup, the main dish. Some say it’s more than fair, That I found you. A prayer, a hope, a wish? Whatever.  We’re the perfect pair. Related articles Common Wine Pairing Mistake, Plus Wine Pairing Tips! NaWriPoMo #10: Read More NaPoWriMo14 Day 11 A Week for Cowboy Poets (NaPoWriMo Day 10)  

Photo Friday: The Picture of Grief

All winter we watched deer, birds, squirrels, and an occasional raccoon scout our yard for food and water.  We keep a small heater in the water garden.  Just enough to assure a seven-inch circle remains unfrozen.  The koi and the frogs lower their metabolism and come out healthy and happy when the weather warms. The first thaw revealed the carcass of a “thirsty animal” who slipped and fell under the ice, never to recover.  Who knows how long that thing was in the pond polluting the waters for my koi:  Blue, Zorro, and Ida. I am thankful Loved One only…

Photo Friday: Hope Springs Eternal

It’s Spring (Well, Almost.) I can see water moving on the lake.  Really.  It’s getting warmer.  Yes, it snowed yesterday, but it was that really heavy stuff; the kind that wants to be rain. The rain will come.  The flowers will bloom again.  I hope.  I know.  

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