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Category: Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Visitors at Dusk

Busy, busy…so much to do. Did I get everything? Do I have enough? Did I accomplish what I needed? A shadow catches my eye. Am I done here? Is there time? A shy stranger makes eye contact. A flagged goodbye. Or is it Hello?

Photo Friday: Febrrrrruary, Pefect for Puzzling

February is a perfect month for puzzling.  Sub-zero weather, lots of snow and wind, and still dark nights keep me in by the fire with hot chocolate in hand. (That temperature from Weatherbug is the real temperature, not the windchill.  Brrrr-umpba!) Loved-One and I put together this winter-scene puzzle.  He’s a puzzle maniac.  I got addicted, too.  So much so that when I went out, I saw the puzzle pieces or a puzzle scene in every scene I passed.   Like this home nearby.  A puzzlers dream.  Almost like the scene we put together.  There’s even a red house and…

Photo Friday: Cold Play

This week school got canceled because of another Arctic Vortex.  That means the air temperature is below zero.  That’s not even taking into account wind-chill. Too cold to wait for the school bus, but not too cold to play.   Our neighbor made this swing-set for his grandchildren.  This summer he gave it to me, because his grandchildren are nearly grown.  Loved One told the neighbor children to come on over and use it anytime. So nice to see they did. We only saw the evidence, not the children. Pretty sure children made these tracks, but I guess they could…

Photo Friday: The Value of Books

My sister-in-law took this picture of my brother, her husband.  That’s our grand-nephew cuddled up with a book. (Is grand-nephew the correct term for my sister’s grand-child?) Now I ask you:  Can you get this kind of comfort and closeness with a video, a board game, or a joystick? Books are the best.  Yesterday, I heard that reading alters our state of consciousness in much the same way as mind-altering drugs.  Surely, books take us to a whole new dimension.  If we’re lucky, we take someone with us. I feel warm and cozy inside just looking at this scene. Related…

Photo Friday: Scavenger Engagement

I love Christmas.  This year’s pre-celebration, our New Year’s Eve pajama party was especially exciting. It started with a mad scavenger hunt.   It ended under the Christmas Tree. The promise of a new daughter and her two little sons are my special Christmas gift. I feel so lucky to witness this new beginning.

Holding on to Christmas

     When I was a young mother, low these many years ago (1973, could it have been that long ago?) my own mother faced a decision:  continue on with our traditional Christmas Eve celebration where siblings exchanged gifts from names we drew from a hat on Thanksgiving; or morph our Christmas celebration to something new. Why make a change?  I’m second of nine children.  As we flew the nest, we tried to blend traditions of our family of origin and our spouses family.  I craved some family memories with my own little family of three.  With only three of nine…

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