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Category: Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Potty Ads

This sign cracked me up. When I had a day job, this is what I did at “break-time:” Put a cup of water for tea in the microwave, Set the timer for two minutes, Come out and make tea. Repeat as needed (add lunch at noon.) A sister tea-drinker co-worker of mine confessed to the same efficient use of “break time.” This ad was on the inside of the stall door. I could bake a batch of cookies in the convection oven if I had four whole minutes.  What would you do?  

Photo Friday: Here and Now

This week I noticed the air felt like “Back to School.” Did you notice it, too?  Something about the way the breeze blows, the leaves rustle, the shadows lay, the sun hangs in the sky. I felt a little melancholy for all the summer things left yet undone.  I stepped outside to feed my koi, Bleau and Zorro.  There, I gained a little perspective from the cone flowers. The bees and this blue butterfly had no anticipation, only the here and now. Slow down. No need to borrow the next season and dismiss what’s here today. Summer is now.  Fall…

Photo Friday: Sunsets

Sunset over water fills me with peace. The light calms my soul. Children murmur.. The breeze whispers…Dinners beckons from outdoor grills.. Even pirate ships seem benign. Related articles A sunset on water Sunset

Photo Friday: Chicago, The City that Works

Comments I heard: Ooooo!  I never saw it from this angle. before. Is it new? It looks like people from the neighborhood are here. People are hardcore urban here. Look, Look, Look. People actually live and work here. Let’s sit down and talk a while. I love this city. Related articles The Chicago Out of Towner’s Rulebook Chicago To Host Largest Architectural Exhibition In North America Next Year

Photo Friday: Self-PhotoBomb

My pal Frank brought five of his eight sons to visit.  They live in Texas.   Frank SnapChatted with his older boys, sending pics of the Willis Tower, the Bean, and Pritzker Pavillion.  Yawn… Really?  Teenagers are so hard to impress.  Maybe it was a case of “you gotta be there.” But then we photo bombed ourselves.  That even wowed the stay-at-home sons.  Cool!  

Photo Friday: Bald Eagle on a Farm

“Gamma, Go see Bawd Eeego?” Of course I said yes.  How can I refuse such abandoned enthusiasm? What a beautiful sight on a cloudy day. Beanie, pulled up sounds of the Bald Eagle on her iPhone.  The eagle family responded with chatter of their own.  I barely made out the heads of the babies’ bobbing heads in the nest.  Too far away to photograph. Related articles Baby bald eagle pokes head out of nest in Webster The Bald Eagles are Nesting

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