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1,000 Words worth: 20017-26

On Friday, I like to take an ordinary photo of something I’ve seen during the week and create a bit of flash fiction.  I call it 1,000 words worth, because,  you know, a picture is worth…. For more information, click here.   There was something about the way the sunlight dappled and danced on the sidewalk that lifted John from his melancholy. Sure he was alone now, but that could change in a heartbeat. The end of summer usually marked the beginning of a grey cloud shifting into John’s heart and mind.  Autumn was when his grandfather died.  Autumn was…

1,000 Words worth: 2017-25

Joyce did yoga every evening on the beach. It was harder than you might think.  The shifing sand underfoot, the undulating horizon, and the occasional gusts challenged even the best yogis’ balance. That was just the start for Joyce.   The tweee of the gulls, the frenzied scurry of sandpiper, and the occasional soft-shell crab, snipped and peeled her concentration.  The own internal chatter refused to quiet: unending to-do lists, what-if, and when-is, snagged her heart center and toppled her tree pose. That’s when she saw the bottle. And the note, of course.  The bottled washed in and out with…

1,000 Word worth:2017-24

On Friday, I like to take an ordinary photo of something I’ve seen during the week and create a bit of flash fiction.  I call it 1,000 words worth, because,  you know, a picture is worth…. For more information, click here. Last night, as I fell asleep, a memory from 1st grade came crashing in full Technicolor into my consciousness.  It’s been on my mind all day.  So..  Here goes.  A bit of flash fiction from a memory pop. I’ll leave it to you to decipher which parts are memory and which are fiction.   Betty karate chopped the clenched…

1,000 Words worth: 2017-23

Each Friday, To find out more click here. “Yes, this is exactly the way I found the apartment when I got home from work.” Joyce saw a flicker of red from the corner of her eye and tuned toward the window.  The male cardinals vied for position at the bird feeder—one at the feeder, one in the Forsythia, and another a few feet from there in the Nanny-berry.  Two females foraged on the ground under the feeder. “And you didn’t move anything?” “No. But I told you that already.” Joyce glanced the name pinned above the officers badge. “Look, Officer…

1,000 Words worth: 2017-21

Each Friday,

To find out more click here.

Jane was a plain girl, with a plain name. She came a plain family, who lived in an exciting city, full of exciting people who did exciting things.

Jane’s family lived by the motto, “turn right whenever possible, and avoid oncoming traffic at all costs.”  In a word or two or three, Jane’s family was ordinary, safe, and predictable.

Jane, on the other hand, sensed that she was destined for extraordinariness and she was definitely not going to blend into the background. Perhaps it was her her hair that fell to her shoulders in golden waves. That is, when her mother wasn’t watching to make sure she kept it under a sensible hat.  Perhaps it was her lips, as red as rubies from the day she was born.  Perhaps was Jane’s determination, an unusually extraordinary trait in Jane’s family.

Jane decided that she would travel in cartwheels.  Everywhere she went, she cartwheeled there.  Sometimes leading with her left arm, sometimes leading with her right.  After all, she didn’t want one arm slack and wobbly, while the other was firm and muscular.  She allowed herself a skip or a hop, in the event she needed to turn.

1,000 Words worth: 2017-20

Today, To find out more click here. I live over there.  Across from where you all catch the train, in your suits and ties and fancy back packs with padded shoulder straps in every color of the rainbow.  Except the rainbow is brighter.  Your colors are a rainbow through dark grey clouds. I up there now, watching through the slits in the almost-closed Venetian blinds.  There. Above Cafe Rustica.  Look up. Or look down.  I left a message for you.  Right there under you feet. Every night, or should I say morning, cuz it’s sometime after 1:00 AM, John comes…

1,000 Words worth: 2017-19

Each Friday,  To find out more click here. “What’s that?”  Ray pointed to the brick building and tugged at Marla’s sleeve. Marla tucked Ray’s outsider around her neck, tucked in a few rust-colored curls and tightened her goggle straps and air filter. “What’s what, hon? Can you be more specific?” “The rectangles,” Ray pressed her lips together and her eyebrows pulled into a straight line of concentration. “See, the lighter brick, and those little ledges under them.”  “Those are where the windows were,” Marla said. She checked Ray’s outsider again. “Someone bricked them up after The Event.  See the little…

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