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Gratitude Monday #51: Home and Away

I’m home from a road-trip to Utah.  A road-trip tells so much more than a fly-over.  I feel spunky and ready to go.  So many mornings a woke up with things I want to write about:  blog-posts, a quality article for ASQ, improvements to my novel, and yes, maybe I’ll even be a speaker at a conference. I’m primed. So, besides my get-up-and-go, here’s what’s on my gratitude list this Monday: Waffle makers in hotels:  Such a warm way to start the day.  Marry that to a boiled egg and some cranberry juice, plop it down beside a hot cup…

Gratitude Monday: After Glow, BlogHer14

I almost stayed home from BlogHer’s 10th anniversary celebration.  Then, I saw a early bird ticket for sale.  I acted on the spur of the moment.   It was a long shot.  I really couldn’t afford it.  I probably wouldn’t get it. I did. Oh my!  Now what?  It’s in San José.  Maybe I can find a room-mate.  I sent out a request on the Women of Midlife Facebook page.  It was a long shot.  I only met a few of the members last year.  Probably no one would want to take a risk on a stranger.  Kay Lynn responded immediately. …

Photo Friday: Sunsets

Sunset over water fills me with peace. The light calms my soul. Children murmur.. The breeze whispers…Dinners beckons from outdoor grills.. Even pirate ships seem benign. Related articles A sunset on water Sunset

Photo Friday: Chicago, The City that Works

Comments I heard: Ooooo!  I never saw it from this angle. before. Is it new? It looks like people from the neighborhood are here. People are hardcore urban here. Look, Look, Look. People actually live and work here. Let’s sit down and talk a while. I love this city. Related articles The Chicago Out of Towner’s Rulebook Chicago To Host Largest Architectural Exhibition In North America Next Year

Photo Friday: A Michigan Cliché

I saw the Michigan bird (Robin) building a nest among the Michigan blossoms (Apple.) Michigan, My Michigan.  (Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice.)   Sometimes you grab my heart in ways unexpected. (I saw your white-tailed deer standing on my irises, too.)

A Gift of Time

The greatest gift we have is our time. – Meditation from St. Francis Xavier

It’s cold and winter is here; summer still clings with all her might.  Sometimes, that’s the way I feel.  I love summer.  Still, there’s something invigorating about a brisk walk in crisp air.

St. Pat's 3

My friend Geri gifted me with a day in Chicago with friends. Of course I can go anytime, but I don’t.  I wait for a reason. What better reason than time with a friend.

First we visited the French Market.  I never knew

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