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Gratitude Monday: Cubs of course!

How could I fail to mention a soul full of hearty gratitude for a Cubs win this weekend?  Of course!  I mean, I’ve only been a fan for 30 or so years.  I’ve only been around for one sorrowful example of the curse come true, the Bartman Ball.  Oh, poor Bartman, he was only following the instincts of any baseball fan: catch the ball.  I missed the 1969 Black Cat curse, and the Billy Goat curse happened before I was even born. It’s been 71 years since the Cubs won at NL pennant and 108 years since they won the World Series.  Yes, this could be the year for the Lovable Losers. And who better for the Cubs to play against than the team with the next longest drought: the Cleveland Indians.  The last time the Indians won?  48 years ago.

Here’s a list of a few other things, in no particular oder, that are on my gratitude list:

Worth a 1,000 Words:  Teaching pups new tricks

Don’t worry, the orchard allowed us all the tasting we wanted.  And, we ate every apple we tasted. Sometimes it’s really good for stay-at-home moms to get a job and let Grandma go on field trips.  Just sayin’.   Did you look twice at the boys?  Yes, mirror-image twins, Misters R&R, and Miss K.  They are three of CeCi’s five children. What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.  Please hop on over to Pierced Wonderings and see what the pros and near pros are up to.  Beautiful fall photos over there.  I promise you won’t…

Gratitude Monday: Exhausted and Revitalized

Here I am, the day after a weekend at CWC2016.  What a wonderful writers conference.  I met such good people, and I learned some valuable new tools.  Plus, I learned that I already know a lot, and I have a lot to share.  That is so affirming! Look, I’m dancing on a bus, thanks to the Twitter stickers I discovered this weekend.  I know.  I am so easily tickled. Forgive me, if I focus on some of those things, this bright, sunny Monday morning where all things seem possible. And in no particular order: A Loved-One who knows that a…

Photo Friday: A recipe in pictures

Everything you need (whoops, baking soda missed the photo-op.): Cream together 3# of peanut butter & 1# butter Add a dozen eggs, 1 T corn syrup and 2 T Vanilla Get ready to use those muscles you’ve been developing. Cream in 4 cups of white sugar and 2# brown sugar Add 18 cups of quick oatmeal. Yes 18 cups! and 8 teaspoons backing soda. Add a total of 3# of bits (nuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, M&Ms, peanut butter chips, or whatever else you like.) Put on cookie sheet with ice cream scoop and flatten, dipping cup in a mixture…

Gratitude Monday: A day of rest?

Last night I celebrated with a t-bone steak, fresh potatoes from the garden, a glass of wine, and monster cookies.  Why?  Loved-One and I completed the  last round of book proofing. Oh my, proofing a book is more difficult that writing it.  So tedious, not much fun.  But here’s the good part:  after writing, revising, reading, listening, revising, reading, I got kinda sick of looking at my writing.  Proofing forced me to sit down, read, and look for nits to pick.  Guess what?  I, as a reader, I really like A Ship of Pearl.  And as an author, I really like the…

Gratitude Monday: Abundance

Today I’m taking Amtrak to visit Mom.  Of course the first two things on my list are Mom and Amtrak.  There so many reasons I’m thankful for Mom. She a good person and a good role model, and she’s really, really strong.  Plus, she shared some of her genes with me, so I’m on my way to being good and strong, too! I have the senior discount for Amtrak (Yay! for persistence and health!) The tickets are really reasonable.  I love Amtrak because it’s comfortable, and it has WiFi.  I can read or write or nap or look out the…

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