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Total eclipse of my heart

I’m still basking in the afterglow of the Solar Totality.  I wanted to go to the totality with my whole heart.  Loved-One did not.  With about as much intensity.  You see, we’d already derived 6 hours in the opposite directions to attend a family reunion.  “The traffic will be bad. We don’t have any glasses.  We don’t have anyplace to stay.” All logical arguments.  Loved-One gave them to me and to anyone nearby, as a rebuttal to my enthusiasm. “I have a plan,” I said.  I repeated my mantra, as if saying it would make it so. “So what’s your…

Pause, breathe, and take stock: 2017-31

Oh my, late to post again this week.  I had a list.  I did.  I began my list last Wednesday, noticing the wonderful and the miniscule things that bring me joy.  I thought I saved them; looked for them yesterday.  Now, I must start over from scratch.  Perhaps like my grocery lists, always left behind, the simple act of writing them down will help me remember what I wrote. Here are a few things that bring me joy this week, in no particular order: Cool evening, open windows, and night insects singing me to sleep. Twenty-one years of marriage to…

1,000 Words worth: 2017-25

Joyce did yoga every evening on the beach. It was harder than you might think.  The shifing sand underfoot, the undulating horizon, and the occasional gusts challenged even the best yogis’ balance. That was just the start for Joyce.   The tweee of the gulls, the frenzied scurry of sandpiper, and the occasional soft-shell crab, snipped and peeled her concentration.  The own internal chatter refused to quiet: unending to-do lists, what-if, and when-is, snagged her heart center and toppled her tree pose. That’s when she saw the bottle. And the note, of course.  The bottled washed in and out with…

1,000 Words worth: 2017-20

Today, To find out more click here. I live over there.  Across from where you all catch the train, in your suits and ties and fancy back packs with padded shoulder straps in every color of the rainbow.  Except the rainbow is brighter.  Your colors are a rainbow through dark grey clouds. I up there now, watching through the slits in the almost-closed Venetian blinds.  There. Above Cafe Rustica.  Look up. Or look down.  I left a message for you.  Right there under you feet. Every night, or should I say morning, cuz it’s sometime after 1:00 AM, John comes…

Impressed by a 10-year-old

You know what 10-year-old Ethan Laudick does for fun?  He creates  snacks.  His favorite cooking show is Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen.  Ethan’s Mom throws down challenges to Ethan and his friends by giving them 3-5 ingredients from her pantry and invites them to get creative.   Last year Ethan took second place at the future Chefs competition.  This year he took first place with this recipe? I had a lot of fun interviewing Ethan.  What an impressive boy!  (I’m impressed by his parents, too.). Read more and see photos here, where my story about him first appeared.

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-7

I’m mellowing into our new political climate.  Perhaps mellowing is too sedentary a word.  This weekend I began to see some plus sides.  I’m not one to use the phrase, “all things happen for a reason,” or even “it must be God’s plan.”  However, I can see that people can be energized toward good when they see the unsavory side of human nature, and we can do God’s will in the wake of tragedy.  I love our new environment stimulates so many people to demonstrate, boycott, listen, discuss, get involved in local government, etc.

Most of my sadness has abated and I can see sunshine in my days. I’m sure it helps that I literally see more sunshine and the days are getting longer, as well as warmer.

Here’s a few more things, in no particular order, that I am grateful for this Monday morning:

1,000 Words worth 2017-4

“Eugenia, you’re must get the kids on board,” Simon said, scurrying along the baseboard and squeezed under the sink. “I’m trying, but they’re hungry,” said Eugenia.  She rolled her eyes, but Simon missed it. She’d already turned her head toward her nursing litter and nuzzled her runt toward an empty teat. “We’re never getting out of here, if we don’t take a more systematic approach.” Simon stood on his hind legs and pulled a loose piece of veneer from the corner.  Simone, his first borne, his namesake, clambered onto his back and sank her teeth into a hirer piece of…

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