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Gratitude Monday: Abundance

Today I’m taking Amtrak to visit Mom.  Of course the first two things on my list are Mom and Amtrak.  There so many reasons I’m thankful for Mom. She a good person and a good role model, and she’s really, really strong.  Plus, she shared some of her genes with me, so I’m on my way to being good and strong, too! I have the senior discount for Amtrak (Yay! for persistence and health!) The tickets are really reasonable.  I love Amtrak because it’s comfortable, and it has WiFi.  I can read or write or nap or look out the…

Photo Friday: A wedding

Karen and Aaron.  There relationship as poetic as their names. What a beautiful day. The bride is my niece. One of quadruplets; the second to marry. The musicians are her uncles. What’s in yours lens this week? I’d love to take a peek.  For more great photos, hop on over to Pierced Wonderings and see how the pros do it. Jen’s got some gorgeous sunrise photos from her trip to Hawaii. Just click on the button below and the rest is magic.      

Gratitude Monday: Don’t it feel good!

Did you miss me last week?  I missed you.  I insisted I take a break.  I am in the process of learning some new formatting software, InDesign.  Ugh!  Not so fun.  But, I’m getting it.  Boo for spinning my wheels. Yay, for persistence.  Double yay for success. I feel like I gave it my all and  conquered.  No a physical feat, but just as rewarding. Today, I’m back in my routine.  And to quote a song: I’m walking on sunshine! Heck, here’s the video.  Much better than just the words. And don’t it feel good! So in no particular order, here…

Gratitude Monday: Little Brother and such

Last week a 36 year-old colleague passed away.  She had a severe asthma attack.  Of course I knew asthma can kill. But for me, that was just in theory. I had asthma as a young adult.  My youngest brother, John, had asthma. My asthma was relatively mild. I had the horrible sensation of being able to breathe good air in, but unable to push the bad air out. For John, it was life-threatening.  We rushed my little brother to the hospital many times.   Not so for Anne. She left behind a young daughter, a husband, and many people who loved her…

Photo Friday: A weed by any other name…

My cover designer, Chad Green, asked me to take some photos of Queen Anne’s Lace.  The setting is mid-Michigan, so .  Chad wanted a better view of the underside for his design. I got to appreciate some of the nuances and beauty of the Queen.       There’s something so hopeful about a weed called Queen Anne’s Lace.  Don’t you think? For more photos, hop on over to Pierced Wonderings and take a look.  You will love what you see.  I promise.  

Gratitude Monday: A grateful mourning

This morning I finished A LITTLE LIFE by Hanya Yanagihara.  Wrestler #1 recommended A LITTLE LIFE months ago, maybe even around the 1st of the year.  Finally, I picked it up.  This is bound to be my favorite book of 2016.  It is hopeful and mournful at the same time.  It made me cry from the guts out, and it made me appreciate all the love in my life, and how we never really know anyone, that there are always secrets too tender to share.
Yanagihara skill a turning research into story is exceptional.  Wow!  Thank you Hanya Yanagihara and Thank you Wrestler #1. I grieve the loss these characters already.

Here are a few more things on my gratitude list, in no particular order:

Another grandchild turning the corner into teenhood, and still loving his Legos.webs - 2 (1)

Gratitude Monday: Centered and Clean

This morning I tweeted “showered and put on yoga clothes and spoke with the wisest.  Starting out a packed week clean and centered.”  It’s afternoon, I’ve been on the go and I’m still centered, and still thinking about the words of the wisest. That’s enough to be thankful about,

But I have more, in no particular order:

My pressure cooker Well, actually it belongs to Loved-One.  A Christmas gift.  But guess who cooks with it?  Yup.  Returning from yoga, “firefly” pose igniting my inner light, I made the best mac & cheese in less than 10 minutes.  (I tweeted that, too.)

book cover 2 - 1

Rain, rain, and some more rain, and a little respite from frying-pan heat. It’s still plenty warm, which I like.

Wikipedia.  Loved-One and I watch several Marvel TV shows.  The latest is Daredevil.  It’s pronounced “Dare Devil.”  I like to say it “Dared Evil.”  A whole lot of evil deeds are going on in Hell’s Kitchen.  Anyways, Wikipedia helped me understand who Foggy, Matt, Karen, Electra are in the Marvel world.  Enough that I could say to Loved-One, sorry Daredevil is not going to kill anyone. Ever.

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