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Gratitude Monday: Summertime and Grandchilden

On Mondays I Link to Laurel and her Alphabet Salad to share gratitude.  Please be sure to click on over and see the gratitude she, and others, share.     This weekend we celebrated Miss G’s eighth birthday.  She and her two brothers are the grandchildren that live the furthest from me.  It takes us about and hour-fifteen if traffic and construction don’t thwart us.  I am so grateful all fourteen of my grandchildren live so close by.  Besides a rollicking game of kickball around some outdoor pools, Miss G loved the cake I made her.  Three are coming over…

Getting High on Cannabis Knowledge

Born in the Flower Child generation, I missed out on the drug culture entirely.  I never even went to a kegger.  Well, I take that back, I did go to one when I was a senior in high school. “Look!”  someone shouted.  “Adela’s here.” I can’t believe its echoed out of the barn and across the field.  A bunch of my classmates swarmed at me, beckoning to me like a crowd of zombies carrying red solo cups. I was so embarrassed that I left after fifteen minutes.  Was I really that straight-laced?  Was I really that much of a geek or…

Gratitude Monday: Twinning It

Starting the work-week out with gratitude is the best way to start.  I continue to be grateful for Laurel for introducing me to Gratitude Monday. Late last week my brother, Frank gifted me with a visit.  He brought along five of his nine sons, one set of 11-year old identical twins, Robert and Wesley.  They got to me my 7-year old identical, mirror image twin grandsons, Robert and Ryan.  What a gas!  I’m telling you, Frank’s five boys and Beanie’s four boys, and Miss K, right in the middle, somehow managing to get to the center of attention, which is…

Photo Friday: Self-PhotoBomb

My pal Frank brought five of his eight sons to visit.  They live in Texas.   Frank SnapChatted with his older boys, sending pics of the Willis Tower, the Bean, and Pritzker Pavillion.  Yawn… Really?  Teenagers are so hard to impress.  Maybe it was a case of “you gotta be there.” But then we photo bombed ourselves.  That even wowed the stay-at-home sons.  Cool!  

What’s up Doc? Martin (and other BBC TV Shows)

I confess, I may be a BBC addict.  It started with Dowton Abby.  Next I got hooked on Sherlock.  Withdrawal set in, so I moved on to Mr. Selfridge.  These were just the gateway shows.   I met with my pusher, Mom.  She introduced me to Call the Midwife and Doc Martin.

Doc Martin got me asking the question:  What is so endearing about this curmudgeon and all the quirky characters in the hilly little town they inhabit?  Why do I

Photo Friday: Bald Eagle on a Farm

“Gamma, Go see Bawd Eeego?” Of course I said yes.  How can I refuse such abandoned enthusiasm? What a beautiful sight on a cloudy day. Beanie, pulled up sounds of the Bald Eagle on her iPhone.  The eagle family responded with chatter of their own.  I barely made out the heads of the babies’ bobbing heads in the nest.  Too far away to photograph. Related articles Baby bald eagle pokes head out of nest in Webster The Bald Eagles are Nesting

Gratitude Monday: Sisters

Today’s Gratitude List is short and so, so sweet: Sisters:  I have five by birth and two by marriage.  Lucky me.  (Yes, I have brothers, too. I’m thankful for them, too.  Today I am talking sisters.) Deanna, for your inspiring sense of style.  I have none, so I must beg and borrow from others. Bonita, my first best friend. Vickie, thanks for calling just to say thank you and then some. Karen, your intelligence and creativity inspire me. Julie, what a wonderful visit we had this weekend. Marcia, next to littlest of the little kids.  You are to grace what…

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