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Photo Friday: Bald Eagle on a Farm

“Gamma, Go see Bawd Eeego?” Of course I said yes.  How can I refuse such abandoned enthusiasm? What a beautiful sight on a cloudy day. Beanie, pulled up sounds of the Bald Eagle on her iPhone.  The eagle family responded with chatter of their own.  I barely made out the heads of the babies’ bobbing heads in the nest.  Too far away to photograph. Related articles Baby bald eagle pokes head out of nest in Webster The Bald Eagles are Nesting

Gratitude Monday: Sisters

Today’s Gratitude List is short and so, so sweet: Sisters:  I have five by birth and two by marriage.  Lucky me.  (Yes, I have brothers, too. I’m thankful for them, too.  Today I am talking sisters.) Deanna, for your inspiring sense of style.  I have none, so I must beg and borrow from others. Bonita, my first best friend. Vickie, thanks for calling just to say thank you and then some. Karen, your intelligence and creativity inspire me. Julie, what a wonderful visit we had this weekend. Marcia, next to littlest of the little kids.  You are to grace what…

Photo Friday: Night and Day

Don’t laugh at St. Francis.  He’s over 30 years old.  He’s a bit battered, but he’s traveled to all my homes.  Parting with him would be such sweet sorrow. Please turn your volume up, so you can get the full impact of these videos. I got the first one because I heard someone complaining about her neighbor’s lawnmower.  Yee-gads, she should get a chance to here this desperate toad screaming for a mate.  (Nothing to see because it’s pitch dark out there.) Right after I stopped recording, the coyotes started up.  What a ruckus.  Mothers howling and babies yipping. Now…

Goals Progress Report — June

I became much more focused during April.  Maybe that’s why I had a little more progress.  Keeping myself accountable is doing wonders for my concentration.  I’m such a slave-driver of a boss.

My Game plan for 2014:

  1. Get my novel published:  I will get editors, a cover designer, and a publisher.  I will.
    Progress: My content editor,Lisa Romeo, is almost finished with her editing.  The first of five beta readers is finished.  I sat down with her and discussed A Land of Milk and Honey.  She filled me with such confidence and encouragement.  She’s a proven nitpicker of an auditor.  Just what I need.  

Gratitude Monday: Columbine and more

Thank you once again, Laurel.  You prompt me to consider all the little things that bring gracious gratitude to my heart. This week’s list: My beta readers:  Oh, you patient people, who praise and gently critique.  You find my errors and question my logic and praise my prose.  I love you.  What would I do without your eyes and hearts. My daughters:  Loved the Color Vibe 5K walk run.  So much fun!  You keep me young.  You make me laugh until my sides ache. “Call the Midwife,”  our lunchtime treat:  Tear-jerking life lessons in each episode, plus lots of victimless…

Gratitude Monday: The Little Things

Sometimes life seems to plod along with little excitement.  No unhappiness, no drama, no big plans.  Ho-hum.  That, in itself, is reason to be grateful.  In the boring humdrum of everyday, comes a space to listen. Making Gratitude Monday a habit has propelled me to jot some simple pleasures down throughout the week, reminding me how much I have. Here are this weeks, in no particular order: Lilies of the Valley:  tiny, little flowers full of fragrance.  This beauties are so tiny and delicate. Yet, they are so strong that the bunch of them are pushing the landscaping fabric out…

Photo Friday: A Michigan Cliché

I saw the Michigan bird (Robin) building a nest among the Michigan blossoms (Apple.) Michigan, My Michigan.  (Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice.)   Sometimes you grab my heart in ways unexpected. (I saw your white-tailed deer standing on my irises, too.)

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