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Gratitude Monday: A New Year

I’m back after about a two week hiatus. You know.  The holidays.  I’ve been grateful. Of course I have.  I just failed to write anything down.  And you know what?  I really, really missed the exercise.  So here I go: A New Year;

So many things that bring me joy in big and teensy ways. Some expected and some surprises.

 A healthy, vibrant, active, and informed mother.  She inspires me to learn new things. She challenges me to keep up to the minute on politics and world news. And she infuses me with faith and hope.

 Teenaged grandchildren who laugh a my quirky jokes.

 Tiny grandchildren with Christmas excitement. (“You got a box!” Mr. C said with eyes opened wide and feet refusing to stay on the ground. “What’s in the box? It’s money.  You’ve got money!”  Looking around at everyone: “Mr. B has money in the box!”

 Ice and snow in a sloping back yard, just right for sledding.

 A giant dog, still a puppy, chasing the sledders in excitement, and restraining himself from jumping on a single child.

 Snowflakes drifting in sunshine.

 The Brookfield Zoo Lights and long silk underwear.

 A surprise candle-lit bath ready and waiting.

 Checks in the mail for work well done.

 A Polish New Year’s Dinner with family gathered close.

 Grammie Jammies finished and modeled. And two hats knitted for the teens that aged-out of pajamas.


happy new year - 1 (1)



I hopped over to read the gratitude lists at Alphabet Salad, and alas, Laurel’s January link up is not posted yet.  So please join me by clicking the frog. 


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