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Gratitude Monday and NaPoWriMo Mashup

Today is gratitude Monday and it’s still April.  So another Mashup.

 Today’s challenge: write a poem that states the things you know. For example, “The sky is blue” or “Pizza is my favorite food” or “The world’s smallest squid is Parateuthis tunicata.


The weather wafted warm and pleasant,

Daffodils sturdy and still standing wiltless.

Squares cut waiting, beg to be quilted.

Yard work complete, at least for the present.

Two lone tulips bud bright red with promise.

A dozen query letters, some advice,

 Interred with Their Bones, GREAT, to be honest.

Two kind rejections. Really. It’s nice.

Much closer to success than yesterday.

A friend is healing more each day.

Quilts, flowers, friends, books. Like lovely caresses.

Evening rain, rest, reading, wine and more blesses.



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    • Adela Adela

      Thank you, Laurel. I look forward to May 1! Poetry is hard.

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