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Gratitude Monday: February is here

January is behind me.  My least favorite month.  Cold, long, annual and quarterly bills due, the holidays are behind me, plus a time when I take stock in what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going.  Where am I going?  Hmm… I know where I want to go.  I better get hopping.

No with feet planted in February, the days are noticeably longer.  I know there’s more cold weather coming, but soon, the crocuses will start poking their hopeful heads through the frost.  Ahhh… I feel better already.

Here’s what gratitude flows through my fingers and onto the page on this particular February 1:

Blue skies: Yes it’s sunny outside today.  Even though the past three days have been warmer, the sun’s been hiding for the last week it seems.  Today, she’s back, warming the sidewalk and bring a smile to my heart.  I see green grass in snow-melted patches.

15 punches: I finally completed my health-club punch card for the month of January.  I’m in the drawing for some prize. Victory is completing the punches.  And guess how many punches I have for February?  That’s right… ONE.

Cat sisters: Sasha and Misha are such a great example of love. Yes, sometimes they fight, but they make up quickly. I love watching the two of them play together. Sasha jumping, Misha darting.

DSCN4853 Musical grandchild: I can hardly believe how 12 year-old Mr. L can make up songs, and explain it to me, “Now I’m switching to minor chords, to give you a clue about what’s coming next. I borrowed three measures from a song I practiced, but I don’t think the composer will mind because I improved it.”

 “Sonday”: A Saturday visiting first one son, then the other. I feel so replenished. What wonderful men they are.

Turkey dinners for no reason: Yes, all the trimmings, on the last day of January. Left-overs made into pot pie today.

Pillsbury crescent dough sheets: Pot pie made easy.  These are now a pantry staple.  Next, I’m making an omelet stuffed “pie.”

Amazon Prime and Netflix:  I’m marathon watching the Oscar Nominees, and getting my votes together.

What’s on your gratitude list?  

  Please leave something in the comments below.


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