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Gratitude Monday:  Half a Glass

Half Glass

Mr. L’s parents tell me they work with him about a looking at things from the positive.  Even when they explained to then ten-year-old about looking at things from the perspective of the glass half full, he said, “You know Mom, when the glass is half empty and you’re supposed to think about it as half-full…”

This got me thinking.

Maybe Mr. L’s half-empty is indeed positive.  Afterall,

 Because, well, because it has all that empty space. Perhaps all those who seem to be pessimistic are more optimistic than we give them credit for.  Perhaps looking at pessimism from another perspective can make it seen as a positive.  Afterall, if I always think the worse will happen, I can only be pleasantly surprised by the outcome — never disappointed.

Do here’s some of the things I don’t like, from a different perspective:

😉 Sticky things (floors, honey jars, fingers, tablecloths): My life is full of sweetness and small fingers that like to touch and feel.  Some of those sticky things are hugs and kisses.  Gratitude for the sticky!

😉 Interruptions when I’m going to the bathroom.  Come-on already, can’t I get a moment’s peace? I’m so lucky I’m needed.  I also get the rare opportunity to have the perspective of at six-year-old in my house all the time.  Yes, she’s chronologically 37, but she has the openness and sweetness of a six-year-old. Every moment is immediate.  Gratitude for staying in the now!

😉 Cold weather.  I never have a bit of allergy problem in the winter.  Gratitude for a killing frost! (In the not-so-distant future.)

😉 Dust on the dresser and clutter. Oh my.  I am so lucky to have so many things.  Gratitude for the mess.

😉 Forgetfulness: names, appointments, invoices (oh that reminds me,) to do lists, etc.  I hate it when things slip through the cracks.  I’m disturbed when my memory kicks in just after I’ve smiled and chatted, as if I remember her, when I can’t place the face.   Perhaps I just have a “hard drive” that’s near capacity.  Perhaps I should reboot by getting some rest. Gratitude for a busy mind!

That was sort of hard.  On the other had, I heard that Grit is the secret to success.  Hanging in there and sticking with something for the long haul trains the brain to expect success eventually.

So one more:

😉 Failing.  It teaches me to have grit.  Gratitude for Grit!

What’s on your Gratitude list this week?  Please share.  Run out of ideas, feeling a little un-gracious?  Hop on over to Laurel’s Link-up at Alphabet Salad.  She’s got a slew of gratitude lists that will help you gain perspective.






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  1. I am not rich but I am grateful that I found the way to travel. If you put your heart and mind to it, you can travel practically for nothing. For me there is always another trip. This is what keeps me going.

    • Adela Adela

      Oh Yvonne! I love to travel too. I will be popping over to your site today to get some tips.

  2. Lux Lux

    Oh, I can understand the forgetfulness part so much. I need to jot things down and put some important stuff in my alarm and calendar. 🙂

    • Adela Adela

      EXACTLY,Lux. I also must get calendars coordinated, so I remember to keep everyone in the loop!

    • Adela Adela

      Thank you Laurel. I have to admit, it wasn’t all that easy. Usually I can tick of a dozen things to be thankful, right off the top of my head. Looking at the other side of the coin was, indeed, a good exercise!

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