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Gratitude Monday, hugs and closed mouthes

It’s Monday: Time to count my blessings, tiny and not.

Hugs from Mr. R1. There’s something special about unrequested, spontaneous hugs. Especially from a 10 year-old boy.

 Requests for home work help from Miss S. It feels so good to be needed.

 A surprise “Christmas present” from CoCo. There’s a long story behind this.  One where I was less than a good listener.  One that made me laugh until tears flowed freely. One that makes CoCo laugh, too.shut up - 1

 A safe trip to and from a cheerleading competition. Oh, the winds on the freeway this weekend.  Seven semi trucks blown off the road.  Holy smokes!  I never thought to stay home because of wind. I began to wish I did. At the same time, really glad we made it.

 A visit with the sweetest brother-in-law. He may be a saint one day. Maybe he is already.

 A warm day in February. The snow melted or blew away in 24 hours.  How wonderful 60°F felt!  Spring will be here. This was just a prelude. More snow on Wednesday. Hey, I can take it.

 More work! Yay.

 A cold abated. It hasn’t caught me, just hooked me with a few sniffles and sneezes.  I think I can fight it off.

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  1. Good to remember that it’s the small things in life that make us most grateful. Thanks for a good post.

    • Adela Adela

      Thanks Anne. It’s the little things that give us the juice!

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