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Gratitude Monday: Life is Good

Here I am again, Monday. So many little things fill me with gratitude. Still, sometimes I feel like I must dig deep to remember.  Especially when I feel overwhelmed with deadlines. Soooo… In no particular order:

♣  It’s March.  Yes, it’s still cold.  I know the worst is over.  This week promises to get above freezing and rain. That means a lot of snow will be, well, going down the drain.

♣  I have deadlines. That means someone, two newspapers, in fact, like my writing enough to give me stories to write. I’m getting a steady income.  Yes!Restoration 4

♣  I witnessed a historical event this week.  A February that never saw a day above freezing.  Never-before-seen in 144 years.  Not likely to see it again in my lifetime.  Hurray!
♣  I spent a Saturday with five grandchildren.  We played Wii-U, we made peanut butter sandwiches on banana bread, we put together 10 or more puzzles, we went swimming.  What a delightful day!puzzles
♣  My bonus grandchild wished me a Happy Birthday and told me she loves me.  She is all grown up and has a busy life of her own.  This tickles me to the core, and is especially special because she came to me not by birth, but by marriage.
I got birthday wishes from all of these people, and many more. Wow! I am blessed.
♣ I’m going to the BAM conference in Nashville at the end of the week.  Yeah for mid-life bloggers, yeah for warmer weather, and yeah, I’m rooming with a fashion expert.  (Okay, that last part is a little scary, but yeah anyways.)
What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please come the link below and share with me.

Gratitude Monday: Life is Good

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  1. Adorable family pic! And that’s a legitimate list you put together. Good work. Have a great time at BAM and can’t wait to hear all about it.

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