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Gratitude Monday: Little Problems

I got to thinking about my “First World” problems on my walk this morning.  How lucky I am to have the problems I have.  When I left for my walk, I had my iPhone in hand, my Bose headset, and more music than I needed for a three-mile walk.  I forgot my water bottle. The water is what got me thinking about all the little problems I have.

 Should I drink bottled water or tap water?  What’s more economical, what’s more environmentally friendly, what’s better for me, what taste better?Half Glass Well, for the Love of Mike!  I have water. Water that is fresh, safe, and abundant.  I have enough clean water that I can water my flowers without thinking twice about it.

 It’s harvest time.  I have so many vegetables I’m getting stressed.  Should I can them, should I freeze, should I bake, should I give some to the neighbors, should I give the food pantry? Did I get everything picked, did anything go to waste, did the groundhog get them? Am I eating too much? Holy Guacamole! I have enough food to feed my family all winter long. I have enough to spare.IMG_0195

 A new flute friend, Kris, asked me to join the community band.  Do I have enough time? Am I good enough? Will Can I make that much of a commitment?  For Pete’s sake!  How nice of her to ask. She has a lot of faith in me.

 I met CeCe for a 2-mile walk, then yoga with a new, powerful yoga instructor, I came home just in time to walk and meet CoCo on her way home from work. I should be writing, I should be sending my manuscript out, I should attack my to-do list.  How blessed I am that my daughters want to spend time with me, and they live close enough that we can.6

 I really want to carve out time to visit Mom.  I could leave Thursday and come back Monday. My desk is a mess and that’s really bugging me.  No, I have a presentation at a meeting on Thursday and I just got an assignment for Saturday.  

Heavens to Murgatroid![/tweetthis I get to talk to my Mom almost anytime I want. And I have work to do. Blessings noted.

One more teensy-tiny thing on my gratitude list:  I just learned how to use my “Insert Icon” widget. Yes Indeed! I can learn new tricks.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please join me my pasting my link below.  Or stroll on over to the Link-up at Alphabet Salad and join Laurel for a little gratitude.

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  1. It’s true, we’re lucky, but human being always want to strive for more and that gets a lot of great things done. It’s that pesky balance thing again 😉 Thanks for the post.

    • Adela Adela

      Thanks Anita. You are so right, it’s that pesky balance thing again!

  2. Great reminder of all that we have to be grateful for, and how most of our “problems” are issues that most people WISH they had.

    • Adela Adela

      Exactly, Roxanne. I am really lucky to have the ‘problems’ I have.

    • Adela Adela

      Thank you, Roxanne. Sometimes it’s good to stop and realize how try trouble-free I have it.

  3. We do take so much for granted, don’t we? That’s why I find keeping a gratitude list is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing yours, Adela.

    • Adela Adela

      I agree, Corrine. I love starting my week with gratitude. I try to start the day that way, but often Task slips her hungry fingers in there and pushes Gratitude to the back of the line.

  4. So true! When I think about what annoys me or things I’m worried about I stop and do a reality check. I do love bottled water though…it’s makes life so much easier. Great post thanks for sharing!

    • Adela Adela

      Thanks Carolann. Bottled water is, indeed, convenient. Especially when I’m commuting or exercising. You’re right. A reality check now and then, helps put things into perspective.

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