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Gratitude Monday: Overflowing in Abundance

A long Road trip, a hundred new friends and support from afar fill me with gratitude. Wow, my cups is overflowing. Wow! What a week.

Loved-One on one end and sister Mary on the other, I traveled between Chicago and Nashville like I had my own private security and travel arrangers. Mary kept me posted on road conditions; Loved-one made sure I got a hotel room at my home away from home, Hampton Inn, and a place to get my iPad fixed.

Yes, I dropped my iPad, destroying the glass. Batteries Plus & Bulbs fixed me up in 3 hours with a 6 moth guarantee to boot.

I have a great new Fashion Blogger friend, Pam Lutrell and I met up with author, Doreen Mcgettigan. I’m still a little intimidated by all her fashion knowledge and monetization skills. Besides being a good friend, she had real, concrete advise to share.

I listened to a great book on tape (The Handmaid’s Taleby Margaret Atwood, finished “Major Barbara” by George Bernard Shaw, and had lots of time to let my mind wander. That’s the plus side of a Kentucky snowstorm.

I met so many new friends and connected with old friends at the BAM Conference. An unbelievable weekend of professional and personal growth.

I got a lot of exercise walking around Gaylord Opryland Hotel ( more than 4 miles every day.)

And while I was away, family members made sure CoCo had all the moral support she needed. (A rough weekend for her.)


What’s on your gratitude list this morning? Please link up below and share with my world.

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  1. On my gratitude list, is having you for a roomie! You are a sweet, genuine, positive lady making a difference in your family and community! I am so thankful to have you as a friend now, Adela. You are amazing…and pretty funny as well! I am also processing so much…stay in touch!

    • Adela Adela

      You stylish lady, you! I went over some of my notes today, after getting my novel synopsis up to snuff and off to an agent. Oh so much to do.

  2. So great to meet you at the BAM conference. Will be reading your blog.

    • Adela Adela

      I had so much fun. Great meeting you, too, Judy.

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