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Gratitude Monday: Sunshine and Sisterhood, Pizza and Prayer

Oh the sun shine! Yesterday I heard warm weather by midweek.  

 It’s May, and poetry month is behind me.  I still love reading poetry.  I still love the exercise of learning new ways to express myself.  I apologize to faithful readers who stuck through April and my lack of poetic talent.  I feel full of energy, re-committed to following a morning routine. So with that gush of enthusiasm, here’s a list of 10 things I am thankful for this Monday:

BAM Connection:  I love reading the various blogs of my sister-bloggers. Meeting them face-to-face is encouraging, fun, and invigorating.  But… connecting after the fun is over is super-duper-dope-great.  Dina, Sara, Beth Ann, Joanne, Julie: We have some great things planned!

What? Where’s Jolan and Bonita?

 LTYM:  Listen to Your Mother in St. Joseph, Michigan.  My first BAM roommate was not to be.  Or were you my second, dear Kim?  With LYTM coming strong behind BAM, and a lack of volunteers, she bailed on me.  That’s okay, I volunteered to help her take tickets.  After all, I’m a Michigander.  My kids were born and got through middle school before I left Bad Axe. (Yes, that really is the name of a town in Michigan.)  St. Joe’s is not too far away. What a wonderful treat!  Such a wonderful chat and sip dinner with Jolan and Joan and Yvonne before the show.  And the show − wow!

 Ruth Myers and 31 Days of Prayer: A little gift from my friend, Judy, added to my list of meditations.  Day 1 filled me with such inspiration, it will  soon metamorphose my thoughts into a blogpost.  (Tomorrow maybe?)

 Sunshine:  Three days of gloom and chill always makes me remember one of Wrestler #2’s favorite childhood book. It’s about four little Chicks who go out in search of the sun after a week of hiding behind the clouds.  Of course, in my read-out-loud rendition, the chicks are Wrestler #1, Wrestler #2, CeCi, and CoCo. Wrestler #2’s little chickie who is forever wandering off from the others looking for something good to eat; not unlike the real Wrestler #2.

 Rain: Well, it was dismal, but guess what?  Everything green is standing at attention, reaching up, up, up toward the sky.  The hydrangeas, hostas, the lilies, the grass.  Such hope fills the yard.  The pear tree’s in bloom, as are the apples, and the nanny berries.  Even my lilac, the late bloomer of the neighborhood smells of lilac, and if I look close, I can see buds.

 Sisters love: Bonita drove down and met me at LTYM.  Her advice on cranberry juice is still making me giggle.  “Does it taste good?” Joan asked.  “No!” Bonita proclaimed with eyes wide. Just like wine, it’s an acquired taste. (I already added cranberry juice to my shopping list: reduces blood pressure, undoes the signs of over-indulgence, and is good for the kidneys.)

  Pizza to-go and Loved-One to get it.  After all that driving, Loved-One knew what I craved.  A Lou Malnati’s dip dish supreme.  Mmmmm…

Click on the photo and you should be directed to the location finder. Or order one to be shipped right to your door.

 Recliners:  Saturday evening I spent in my cozy recliner with an afghan, a pizza and a glass of wine. (Tomorrow, cranberry juice.)

 Audible books: I listened to the last of ONE NATION UNDER GOD:  HOW CORPORATE AMERICA INVENTED CHRISTIAN AMERICA by Kevin M. Kruse.  Riveting non-fiction that made me want to keep driving.  Audible for the drive, folks.

  Reduced fair train tickets: There are some really good things about turning 65.  Not the least of them is discounts.  I like to dub the “persistence payoffs.”  Persistence is a virtue, isn’t it.

What are you thankful for this week?  I’d love to hear.



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  1. I am laughing and loving this, Adela! Gratitude for everything green standing at attention…..what a great turn of phrase! And Bonita’s eyes…..that was so hilarious! But she’s right; I bought the $10 pure cranberry juice and even 1/4 to 3/4 water is pretty awful! But it’s better with each new day and my nephrologist gave me thumbs up so I’m feeling healthy! Thank You Bonita!
    I love your blog and the things you’ve mentioned! How grateful I am that BAM and LTYM brought us together! I look forward to reading your coming posts….love your way with words!

    • Adela Adela

      Thank you, Joan. Reading your comments is a delightful way to start my morning!

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