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Gratitude Monday: Thanksgiving

 One day to concentrate on gratitude.  Today, I heard that gratitude can actually make you healthier.  Keeping a daily journal of the things that make us give thanks can actually reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, etc.  (More on that tomorrow.)

For today, here are some of the things that bring me gratitude.

 Snow. Yes, we got over a foot of really wet, heavy stuff.  It’s so pretty.  Now leaves fall on top of the snow, imprinting the white with a collage of color.

 A still strong body. My shoulders got tight, and my neck’s a little stiff, but I shoveled.  A little at a time is all I had to do, which brings me to the third thing on my list.

 Working from home.  Yes, I can enjoy the beauty without the pain.  Lucky, lucky me.

 Instilled independence.  I got it from my mom, I gave it to my kids.  CoCo talked me into going into Chicago on the Metra, just to show me she could navigate her way around.  She consulted the schedule, she took me into the French quarter, she walked me to the parade.  She wants to go alone. (uhh… NO.  I said independence, not foolhardiness.)

 A fireplace, gas starters, and long Sundays.  The snow looks just that much prettier with a backdrop of logs burning slowly, while I leisurely sit and do whatever I want to do, which is mostly read.

 Friendly customer service people.  I think Kevin, from Pondliner might have chatted all afternoon, if I wanted to.  He answered my questions about a heater, he offered advice about algae removers, he told me about filter sales.  He never asked me to buy anything. (I will.)

 An “app for that.” I can now buy Metra tickets from my phone and forgot about that pesky scrap of paper, or losing the 10-ride pass.

 Giant cotton balls of snow on empty branches.  As the snow melts, these lovely pillows of white remains.  Nature can be so beautiful.

All kids here for Thanksgiving dinner.  Nuff said.

Father Winter (in the window of Macy's) You can just make out CoCo outside the window.
Father Winter (in the window of Macy’s) You can just make out CoCo looking into the window.


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