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Gratitude Monday: Vacation

Sunsets on Lake MichiganAh the bliss of a vacation:  no routine, no kitchen, no electronics beeping, talking, demanding.  Just the beach, the bike trail, and the campfire.  Ice cream every night.  These this fill me gratitude because:  a) I love the outdoors, b) I love that my family loves what I love, c) I am physically  and financially fit enough to enjoy all of this.

Now back to reality.  My gratitude list this week, in no particular order:

  • Vacations (you already know that.)
  • Roller coasters and grandchildren:  I normally don’t like the “scary” rides, but when an almost 4-year old says, “G-mom please,” and his 7-year old brother promises to ride with me, how can I say no?  Oh the screams, whoops, and Topsy-turvy tummies.  Yay!  I loved it.Sunsets on Lake Michigan (1)
  • Duckie, who makes me laugh until I almost wet my pants with her story about the Blueberry Store:  I went into the store with these glasses on. (shows me her glasses with the stars and stripes all over the pin-holed lenses.)  This man asks me, ‘can you see out of those?’ I say, ‘I don’t know, they’re not mine, I just borrowed them.’
  • Renee Woods, my genius with the barber scissors.  She gave me a free trim so I can just tossle my hair and go.  She also admonished me with, “Don’t touch it.  Don’t touch it at all.  Not all day long.  Don’t touch it.”  I guess all my scrunching made my waves turn into wild curls.
  • Customer service.  More about that in a post later this week.  Suffice it to say, it’s alive and well, and I am sooooo thankful.
  • Getting back into a routine.  Monday morning, I almost forgot my gratitude; but here I am.  What a great way to start the week.
  • Text alerts from the local newspaper.  The last day of camping, I see this headline:  “Power Plant proposed for [my back yard.]”  Yikes!  Time for some data collection.  How could someone who lives here, has grandchildren here, plan something bad for us?
  • Weeds:  Okay, I don’t really like weeds, but they do tell me that there was enough rain while I was gone to keep my flowers and vegetables going.
  • Green beans and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  Ahhh…. I believe I’m in heaven.100_1114

What’s on your gratitude list?


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