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Gratitude Monday: Valentines, Lent, and Rat-tails

It’s Monday, the day I remember to take time to write my gratitude to the universe. Maybe it’s a bit silly, some may say self-serving. Still, it helps me stay balanced, helps me keep my troubles in context, and helps me remember to say thank-you.

 The inventor of the rat-tailed comb. I left mine at Mom’s, and finally replaced it this weekend.  Great invention, whoever you are. Wikipedia doesn’t know, attributes it to a prophet, won’t tell.)

 Yoga with Christine. Namaste! Good for the body, Yes.  Good for the soul, Yes.  And great for the temperament.

 Brother Russell: He’s my sister’s first-born. Yes, I’ve known him since birth.  How wonderful to know him.

 A quirky valentine tradition. CoCo was still in high school when she started fixing dinner for LovedOne and me.  She created us at the door, with “Right this way Madam Brazil.” (Her way of interpreting Mademoiselle. The menu remains the same, with drama wonderfully different.  This year, the kitchen caught fire. Not literally.  Just part of the show.

 Light snow and dry air.

 An overflow at our favorite breakfast place. Without a 35 minute wait, we would not have been delight by Donna at LePetit Marché

 Hot tea soothing the symptoms of a cold.

 T-shirt tats on a yoga mat. They probably won’t last long. Still, I’m tickled for now.

 Sunshine through bare trees. I love the way the winter skies look.


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