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Holiday stress. A reason to rejoice?

I feel a little stress this week. Why? Because I have too much.  Yup, that’s what it boils down to. Here’s what I mean: A job writing for a company whose product helps save people’s lives; An family of origin who still loves getting together to celebrate Christmas; A family I helped create who loves tradition; A book club that gives back to the community; A choir that welcomes my flute; Amazing people who I meet to interview for the newspapers I write for; Neighbors who feel comfortable dropping by; A treasure trove of Christmas decorations; The ability to sew…

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-43

What? This is post #43 of a weekly breather. I do believe I skipped a few weeks. There are 3 weeks left in the year and 52 weeks in a year. That means, hmmm.. 52-46=6. I went six weeks without a breather or a pause. The weather is warm, my Christmas list is under control, and CoCo got a clean bill or health. That seems like reasons enough to sigh a breath of relief. Here are few more reasons, in no particular order, why I’m smiling this week: School Christmas concerts: One for Mr. D last Friday, one for Mr.…

Meet Veronika Scott and the Empowerment Plan

It’s Giving Tuesday.  What better day to introduce you to a remarkable woman who’s helping other women shine their stars.

You already know that I donate one dollar for each ten I make selling my books to help America’s hungry and the homeless. Recently two things converged to help me learn more about Veronika Scott.  My cover designer, Chad Green told me about the Empowerment Plan, and I met Bobby.

Bobby is a homeless man I pass every day as I walk the block and a half between the Metra Station and the “L” train.  He’s young, maybe in his late-twenties or early-thirties.  He’s small, size 9 1/2 shoes.  He has a tiny shamrock tattoo near his right eye. Bobby always greets me a smile and a “have a good day.” At first, I just nodded and passed him by.  Before too long, I gave him a sandwich or an apple or orange. I started to pack double.  One for me and one for Bobby.  It’s getting cold in Chicago, and Bobby didn’t have a warm coat or a blanket.  He usually sleeps by the library or under the bridge by the Metra Station.

That’s when I remembered Empowerment Plan and Veronika Scott.  Hailey McInnis, 26, Empowerment Plan’s Operations Manager was kind enough to sit down and talk to me about the Non-profit company and Veronika.

Veronika is 28 years old.  She experienced periods of homelessness as she grew up near Detroit, MI. Veronika’s mother suffered with different addictions, so Veronica bounced around a lot, sometimes living with her mother in their car, but most of the time with grandparents.

Veronika graduated from College for Creative Studies. Her final project was to create something to fill an actual need. She went from shelter to shelter to find out what people needed. One of the  things she discovered was that women did not like to come into the shelters. Veronika designed a coat that can convert to a sleeping bag. It took Veronika

Pause, Breathe and take stock

An FDA inspection, a birthday, and a twins outing contributed to a publishing lapse. Okay, yes, and I spend more time than I should have reading the news and playing Candy Crush. I started my list two weeks ago, now I have more reasons to be thankful on this Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Book club in Michigan with a great group of women. Look at these ladies. Doesn’t it look like we’ve known each other for years? Socks for Bobby. I love that family members are rallying behind Bobby to get him a few things to help him stay warm this…

1,000 Words-worth:  2017-33

Each Friday, To find out more click here. I admit, I skipped a few Fridays.  Still, for some reason Ray and Marla continue to visit me.  This time as a walked around Chicago’s Open House. Regular readers might remember Ray and Marla from another photo I took along my commute. To refresh your memory or you want to start from the beginning, click here. I only looked back to make sure I got the names right and then again, after I finished writing this post, so I could insert the link. Here and here. “I see the sun!” Ray hopped…

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-41

Sometimes a whole week goes by and I wonder what happened to the time.  What did I do with my time this week?  Did anything slip through the cracks?  Is everything on my calendar?  Did I send October birthday cards?  Did I buy those for November?  CoCo’s osteomyelitis bloomed again. I have nodules on my thyroid.

At the same time, the national and world news seems to have me in it clutches.  I’m constantly checking to see what’s breaking now. The biggest tragedy is replaced by a bigger one.  Leaders dance around each other like roosters in a cock-fight.  What now? Rand Paul got tackled by his neighbor and has five broken ribs? Kevin Spacey is accused of child abuse? CNN reports that a Good Samaritan shot the perpetrator of a crime?

Where are we going?


Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-40

Thursday evening began my first participation in The Great Lakes Book Bash.  Oh my, did I learn a lot.  Unlike some other book signings, this one had break-out sessions where authors could learn a thing or two.  I learned a thing or two or three or four.  Loved-One did, too.  “Being an author is a full-time job,” he said.  Umm-hmmm.  Promoting is a big part.  I loved meeting all the authors.  Most in a genre, Steamy Romance, that I rarely read, so I learned a lot about what makes those authors hum, and I’m thinking about how to apply it…

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