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NaPoWriMo Day 30: A Txtoem

My last poem for April and my last poem for NaPoWriMo’13.  Then it’s back to regular prose, fiction and essays.

This is not a NaPoWriMo challenge, but one I heard on NPR somewhere back in January.  (If I remember correctly.)  My granddaughter, Emma, and I planned to work on this together, but alas we both got too busy.  So here’s my attempt to write a love poem in “texting” language.

TTS – 143

U R 2G2BT.

ThnQ. U2.

I TIAIL; **//.

404 IDK who

My <3s TC2E 2UPLS

sok. I wnt jdg.

121, F2F.  R uswl plc *$

Y w8 TM Pls sok  WTF?

 UNK. Cuud BU



143 4eva, <3 X2 4 yurslf.

BB4N, U I alrddy ms.



Enuf. BABY.

BTDT.  Boohoo.





My muse for my texting poetry.

BHIMGO  Bloody hell, I must be getting old.  Here is the translation.  Or as Emma tells me:  “I no gmas txt. WW&P”  (Whole words and punctuation.)

Text to Speech – I Love You

You are too good to be true

Thank you.  You too.

I think I’m in love. Wink,Wink, Nudge, nudge.

I haven’t a clue; I don’t know.  Who?

My heart is too complicated to explain to you.

Please, it’s okay.  I won’t judge.

One to one, face to face.  Meet for coffee, our usual place. Starbucks.

Why wait?  Tell me.  Please, It’s okay. What the F***.

You never know, it could be you.

Too good to be true, I love you, too.

Crying real big tears, and God knows what else.

Love you forever, my heart time two for yourself.

Bye-by for now.  You, I already miss. 

As early as possible:  Hugs and kisses.

Kiss on the lips until we meet.

Enough.  Being annoyed by you now.

Been there done that.  Boo-hoo.



I’m gone.

Love you forever?




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