NaWriPoMo: Thesaurus Communication

Today's Prompt: Go to Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle. Clear your mind, push the button, and then write a poem based on the quotation that the oracle provides.
Here's the prompt I received:
Every moment is beautiful

Every moment is beautiful

Come down now with your diction

                and your dictionary. (from “Letter Already Broadcast into Space” by Jake Adam York)


So here I go.  The non-poet poet:

Communication is a one-way street.
What did you say?
Communication is a one-way street.
I heard you.  What did you say?
Communication is a one-way street.
Say it again.  Different words.
Oh.  I see.
Oh.  I hear.
Open.  Trust.  Unguard.  Honest.  Intimate. Real.
Communication is an open highway.
Yes, Love.


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