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I’m not going to post an outfit everyday.  Holy smokes, I’m not that brave or that confident.  Heck, I probably don’t even have enough clothes for that.

Maybe there’s some room in fashion for an unconscious competent.  Someone who likes to get dressed and not think about it again.

DSC06114The shirt is from Coldwater Creek and is about 4 years old.  I love chocolate. CC got a lot of complaints about pilling with this style, so they discontinued it.  I wash it in a lingerie bag and hang to dry.  Almost like new.

The tenni-shoes are leather.  Love these from the sale rack at

The jeans are from Costco.  Okay, yes, you might recognize them as the “Mom-jeans” someone blogged about a while back.  From my perspective, “Mom-jeans have a bad rap.  These are super-comfy and have a bit of bling on the back pocket.

The scarf is a Christmas present.  I’m trying a bunch of different tying techniques.  I love this YouTube video.  Makes me want to experiment with all my scarves. I used  the “Infinity” on this one, and just loosened everything up a bit.

No adjustments needed all day, until Loved-One reminded me I needed to wear green if I wanted to get into the St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  (I changed the scarf.


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  1. Nice. I’m what an outfit poster either. I’ll save my opinions about doing such for myself. Nice to meet you at #BAMc15 🙂

    • Adela Adela

      Leisa, I look at OFOTD on Pinterest and find it rather interesting. Just ordinary people sharing what they wear. It gives me confidence.

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