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Outfit of the Week and a little poetry

Today’s, NaPoWriMo’s challenge you to write a poem about food. That made me think about Brussel Sprouts.  Ugh! Once Wrestler #1 brought them for Thanksgiving dinner.  I hate them so much, I thought he was being passive aggressive in bringing them.    I guess a lot of people feel that way.

English: Brussel sprouts in grocery store, Cam...
English: Brussel sprouts in grocery store, Cambridge. Massachusetts, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No Love for B.S.

I hear about love-hate relationship with food.

I only have a love relationship with food.

See, taste, smell, touch. Love them all.

Photograph, describe, cook, serve, study, experiment, adventure. Love them all.

Vegetables, proteins, grains, dairy, oil. I can’t say no.

Except Brussel Sprouts: A gut-wrenching NO.

God’s sense of humor? Some scientists’ practical joke.

The thought of Brussel Sprouts makes me choke.

Ugly, smelly, crispy-slime, intensely putrid.

If food could embody Hatred,

It’s name would be Brussel Sprouts.

Don’t give me a recipe that will change my mind.

Don’t send me pretty photos. It won’t alter my view.

Nothing comes close to the despicable B-Sprout.

Deceitful even in name. My opinion? Peeee-yew!


Now for the outfit.  (It does feature green, but that’s the only resemblance to B.S.) You might recognize the shirt from last week.  Yes, the same style, only in a chocolate-brown, from Goldwater Creek.  I love a deep brown as much as I love cocoa, coffee, and — hmmm, what other food is brown? — a nice broiled steak (medium rare, please.) I added a jade pendant that I got on a trip to Mexico. The chain is from another necklace that CeCe gave me.  I like moving and combining pieces. And I love wearing pieces that bring back a memory.
jade and cut - 2

I also got a freshen up on my haircut. 

So I included a rear-view photo. Renee asked if I wanted to go smooth or dramatic.  What do you think? Next I must come up with a Disco outfit to fit the mood of the BAM mixer.  What was the fashion back then, anyways?  Hmmm…. I might be still wearing some of those clothes.

jade and cut - 1

And the shoes? Brown suede from Aerosoles. Comfort is a must for me. These give me a little lift without a tottery or tippy-toes feeling. I can always use a little more height. The jeans are the local Farm & Fleet.  Lee jeans give my curves just the right fit.

jade and cut - 1 (1)

Now my computer and chair beckon me.  I started my next novel yesterday and I’m raring to get some words on virtual paper. Working title: The Manly Men of Manufacturing.





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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Down with BS! But…(there’s always a but) there is a little French restaurant in Palm Desert that cooks up this little demons to such perfection, you can’t get enough. It’s the ONE place on the earth that makes them delicious!

    • Adela Adela

      I do like French food. Perhaps I’ll be adventurous just one more time.

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