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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-12

I can see these beauties from my office.

Here’s a few more things that bring me joy.

Long walks with Loved-One.  We have a wonderful 2 mile loop that we take.  We like to get out there once a day when the weather is nice.  And the weather is nice enough!

 An interview for a technical writing gig at a biotech firm.  It’s a bit of a comment, but doable by mass transportation.

 Successful eye surgery.  I’m back to playing my flute.  Seeing better actually makes me understand the music better.  I’m amazed how clear vision is so related to clear thought.

The Christmas tree tucked away in its proper place.  Don’t judge, please.  Yes, we packed away all of the decorations months ago, but the tree remained in the living room; almost a permanent fixture.  I considered decorating it for Easter.  We had all kinds of reasons to delay.  Really though, none of those reasons were truly plausible.  Now I can see out the window!

A birthday visit with Wrestler #2.  We shared some childhood memories.  His adolescent kids loved that.

The unlimited positive energy of my friend Pat.  She passed away this week.  Diagnosed with cancer last week, the course of her illness was swift and merciful.  I’m so lucky to have met her.  She inspires me to pay it forward, to smile, and to “walk on the sunny side of the street.”

Please leave a comment telling me what makes you smile and give thanks this week.  Your comments always make me think of more ways that I am blessed.  Happy Springtime everyone.

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  1. Nothing says spring like standing in line at DQ! Spring seems to come later here in Maine–I love that unique shade of green when the trees begin to leaf out, and everything feels fresh and new, all over again. That gets here around May… Happy Spring to you!

    • Adela Adela

      Ahh.. the colors are more gorgeous than ever. My eye surgery returned the intensity of color, and the greens are almost unbearably beautiful. You got the St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm, too, didn’t you? When I lived in Michigan, we knew winter wasnt over until the last, mid-March blizzard.

  2. Your words made me stop and appreciate the nature that surrounds me during this season. Spring puts a skip in my step. I live in San Diego, our winters are mild, but we still have spring. I adore the lush green and the blooming roses that are popping up everywhere. I adore the warmer mornings so that I don’t need to bundle up so much for my morning walk on the beach. I like the longer days of sunlight………….

    • Adela Adela

      Light, happiness, and warmth all seem to go together, don’t they Ellen. We subscribed to Hulu this winter, and we keep seeing adds for California. I’m almost ready to migrate. Do you have a spare bedroom?

  3. It was a sunny Sunday and although I had to prepare taxes it just seemed OK with all the sun and warmer temps.

    • Adela Adela

      There’s a reason for the lyrics, “always walk on the sunny side of the street.” Sunshine is definitely a mood lifter.

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