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Pause,  Breathe, and Take Stock – 2017-16

“Ask and you shall receive.”  That’s only part of the story for me.  so many times I’m just rolling along, not even thinking about wanting more and ShaBam, I’m on the receiving end of wonderful things.  Okay, yes, sometimes I’m asking.

This weekend, I had the honor of making my nieces wedding cake.  Yes, of course I was nervous.  Grandchildren are pretty open-minded.  If a cake looks something close to a dinosaur or a volcano, or even Bible Man, a child jumps for joy.  Brides?  Maybe she would be a little pickier.  Jana loved it!  I did work myself into a blazing headache, but that was me, not her.

New blooms delight me every day.

My close-up eyesight, post-cateract surgery, is phenomenal.  Still seeing a bit double at moderate distance, which is entertaining.  STOP looks a lot like STOOP.

In spite of torrential downpours, we are free of flooding. I’m thankful for that, and say a little prayer for those not so lucky.

In spite of long traffic delays, Loved One and I laughed more than we grumbled.

I got a nice long visit with my brother, Loren, and my sister-in-law, Karen.  Something that rarely happen because both of them are rather quiet in a crowd.  Since we stayed with them for the weekend, we had lots of one-on-one-on-one-on-one time.  A bonus, we got to visit with there two grown kids, too.

Adello offered a contract extension, which I countered with a limit of  4 days a week, and they said, yes.  YAY.

I gained 2 pounds on my diet.  No I didn’t ask or want that! I got it anyways!

I have three book club adventures with A SHIP OF PEARL. Hurrah!

There may be room for me in the Illinois Women’s Press Association at Chicago’s Printer’s Row this year.  Woot!Woot!

You so often remind me of more reasons to pause and take stock.


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  1. The cake is beautiful! What makes me smile and say thank you this week? This glorious sunny morning overlooking the lake after the storms of yesterday! Thank you for a beautiful day after the storm!

    • Adela Adela

      It’s still blustery and rainy, with promises of sunshine on this side of the Lake. Still, all this rain makes the blooms gorgeous.

    • Adela Adela

      White cake with a dark chocolate/ peanut butter ganache filling. ( The brides request.) It was delicious. And nothing fell over. (My biggest worry.)

  2. What a pretty cake! It looks like a lovely wedding too.
    Visiting here after a while and I like the new look, Adella.

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