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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-16

Ahhh… I only got on the wrong L-train once this week. I took an extra trip around the loop, considering how many times I’ve been lost in my life, and how once, passengers feared they might starve with me as a navigator. Yes, that’d be little sister in the back seat.  So far, no one has starved, been injured, or permanently scarred.  My problem solving skills improved, my confidence boosted each time I triumphed, and this time, I had one extra trip around the loop.  Time to ponder, time to daydream, time to plan my next novel.  Wait a minute. That might have been what got me lost in the first place.  Blessings are in almost everything, even getting lost.

Here’s a few more things that bring me joy:

 Tulips and bleeding hearts, and all things blooming.

Long commutes that make me appreciate home.  The first two things go together.  I swear, nature around home changes dramatically in the time I’m away.  Tulips green buds turn to bright red while I’m at work.

Diversity at IIT:  In thinking, in background, in age, in ethnicity, in religion.  So interesting.  I love it.

Wrestler #1, Mr. N, Miss E, and Miss S over for Sunday breakfast.

A book club friends who encourages me to connect with more author meet-ups.

A local distributor of LipSense.  (If you’ve never tried this lipstick, please do, you’ll love it. Follow the link to read all about it.)

Sasha patting my hand with her paw as I type.  Her paws seem so gentle and loving. Yes, she does occasionally hit the keyboard.

A new ecosystem of birds, thanks to suet on the feeder.  I do believe we have some species new to us this year.

A new lens in my right eye.  The second cataract is gone.  By the next day my eyesight is 20/25. Not bad for 15 minutes in surgery.

Fooda, the Ap for pop-up diners.  Last week I had Mexican, Italian, American, and Chinese food.  All at fairly reasonable prices.  At home, we have a salad for supper.  Yum.



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  1. I spent the week with my BFF and my daughter in Florida! And my daughter paid for my trip…this is the first time in my life that one of my kids paid for my trip! Awesome!

    • Adela Adela

      Oh my, Renee. Kids opening the wallet and treating you is a real milestone to celebrate. Congratulations!

    • Adela Adela

      I’ve never done the Irish dance. Just watching makes me want to join in. I love dancing.

  2. Spring is great. My joy is Feeling healthy!

    • Adela Adela

      I’m with you there, Haralee. I just got my second cataract removed. I see so clearly now. What a miracle!

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