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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-17

Mother’Day is just around the corner, but for me it’s in the rear view mirror.  wrestler #1, CeCe’s hubby, and their kids came over, and along with Loved-One prepared and wonderful brunch for the mother’s in the group.  Loved-One set the good China out for the three mothers, and everyone else ate on paper plates.  Omelets, sausage, waffles with Nutella and blueberries, mimosa, coffee, and key lime pie.  Queen for a Day, that’s how I felt.

Here’s a few more things, in no particular order, that bubbles up joy for me:

 Tons of hugs and kisses from grandchildren.

Surprise tweets quoting A SHIP OF PEARL from another author.

 A hug and a kiss from CoCo at the Metra.  She’s getting off,while I’m getting on.  A sweet treat to start the commute.

A surprise email from my editor Lisa Romeo, thanking me for my acknowledgement of her contribution.  She’s wonderful.

 Little League baseball games starring Mr. R1 and Mr. R2, and Miss K walking arm-in-arm with me.  She’s 13, so you know that’s a special treat.

A spontaneous compliment from my new boss.

 Eye-to-eye contact and an exchanged smile among the zombied morning commuters.

You know I like to hear what’s going on for you.  Invariably, I’m reminded of more reasons to count my blessings.

This is me and my Mom, with CoCo in the background. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Oh yeah, my sister’s with us, too!.  We’re all trying to get in a selfie. An almost impossible feat with my short arms.

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