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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-32

I cannot think of Labor Day weekend without recalling a bumper sticker I saw years ago:

In 1906, when The Jungle was published, Upton Sinclair hoped to highlight the deplorable working conditions of the meat-packer workers.  We’ve come a long way in protecting people on the job, since the days of Sinclair.  Still, I like to pause on Labor Day and remember that not so long ago, weekends were just a normal workday.  And still, today, even on this weekend to rest from our labors, many people are working, and many are doing so in substandard conditions, for less than a living wage.  So a big Thank You for everyone who works to make it different. And a big Thank you for laborers, of course.

Here are a few more things that bring me joy, in no particular order:

Nasturtiums growing tall and blooming at the pond;

iPhone photography school.  I’m learning to take beautiful low-light photography like this one that I took at Cirque du Soleil.  Learn more here.

New friends, old friends, and family who shared time with me this week.

 Cousomeh Steel pan concert at the local opera house.  Beautiful music from re-purposed 55 gallon drums, beautiful people from Trinidad and Tobago, a wonderful night with Love-One.

Wrestler #1 and CoCo who both have birthdays this week, and Big R and Pretty B who also have birthdays.

Time to work in the yard. And hard-working neighbor boys who helped me catch up on my edging.  I do so love a finely edged curb, flowerbed, driveway, etc.

Long shadows of fast-approaching fall.

Remembering our family’s Mackinaw Bridge walk, so many Labor Days ago.

An annual Chicago Sky closing game for CoCo’s birthday.

A handkerchief offered by an old-fashioned gentleman.  This is a by-gone nicety that should be revived, don’t you think?

Bees of all sort congregating on my garlic chives.

New business cards with “Author of A Ship of Pearl.” 

My friend, Pat, who I haven’t seen in a month of Sunday,  who surprise me by telling me she’s maintaining our relationship by reading my blog. Makes me wonder who else is doing that!

What makes you smile this week?  Please share in a comment below. Your comments always remind me of more reasons to be grateful.



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