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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock:  2017-33

A cold caught me last weekend.  I’ve been battling with it ever since.  Today I feel the only thing left is the August allergy ailments. Since it’s past mid-September, and the August allergy ailments are just beginning, I count that as a good thing.  Perhaps that explains why my reasons to rejoice this week are unduly centered around my upper respiratory system.

Here are a few things that make me snort for joy this week.

.Saline solutions and a battery operated Netty Pot. I thought the Netty was some sort of torture.  Love-One swears by it.  I finally got on board.  Yes, indeed.  Netty makes me feel better. But I’m not giving up my Vicks.

.Birthday number 19 for Mr. B.  An early celebration and a bon voyage as he readies for his college departure. I’m gonna miss that guy.  As a final gesture, he came over and cut down a bunch of brush and trees with Loved-One.

.A neighbor that sends over a BBQ rib dinner complete with corn on the cob and baked potatoes.

“”]..The joys of studying Illinois history/government with four kids, paying of years later.  I won a beautiful potted plant on Sunday because I knew the state flower is the violet.  Being a non-native, I’ll bet dollars to donuts, without the benefit of school children’s drill that would be impossible.

.Major Petigrew’s Last Stand, by Helen Simonson and Audible Books.

What a delightful book.  I admire this author as an example of wonderful description with an economy of words.  To be envied by anyone who write, reads, or observes human behavior.

. Blooming asters and mums, and a beautiful volunteer sunflower in my back yard.

.  Steven King and IT.  The Book and then the movie.  And a wonderfully terrifying Pennywise by Bill Skarsgard.

.Shop vacs for sucking up an abundance of acorns.

.New pillows and several stain-removing products that make old pillows appear new.

.Partnering with Autumn’s Living Library for a double whammy of Book signing and raising money for young women. Find out more here.

.Naps and sleeping in and Simply Saline nighttime nasal mist.

Last but not least, this morning I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindess.  A whimsy my family has practiced for years:  when you see a chance, do something kind.  The effects last a long time.  This morning, while waiting for the Greenline L, I decided to practice some of my iPhone photography lessons.  I heard a shout.  There was the conductor, letting me know my ride was ready.  What a wonderful feeling: cared for by someone who only knows me by sight.  I’m still smiling.

What’s brings you joy this week.  You know I love to “hear” from you.  So please leave a comment.


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