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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-34

Today I’m on a road trip with CeCi and her brood.  It’s a bittersweet trip as we take Mr. B to Wyo-tech to begin his all-grown-up years perfecting his talents and skills as a craftsman.  He’s the first grandchild to leave the nest for school.

“You seem like a man,” I said to him over lunch.

“Yup,” he replied taking another bite of his Colossal Fish Sandwich at Primanti Brothers.  

Besides sharing the launch of the next stage of Mr. B’s life, here’s a few more things that give me joy this week.

The Pirates vs Cardinal game in Pittsburgh with CeCi, Mr. R1, Mr. R2, Mr. C, Mr. B, and Miss K. Catching a baseball launched Marte who had moments before hit a home run.

 The GameTime app that allowed us to get tickets for $8, which included a free t-shirt for the kids.

 Audible books and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, discussed at Rez Book Club.  This is by far, my favorite book of 2017.  Of course, I’m still reading, so that could change. Listening to it on Audible, really made the book come to life.  Check it out by clicking the picture.

 The app ChowBus who delivers Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean food on demand, and the diners who shared the information. .  Thank you, kind strangers for sharing the information.

 Loved-One sharing his sports enthusiasm with twins, Mr. R1 and Mr. R2.

 A Barnes & Nobel book signing event. It’s not until February 13.  Still, I’m excited to have a signing in such an established and respected book store.

 A new BlogDash opportunity.  More about that later as the details become clear.

 Beautiful fall scenery and continual warm weather.

 Brotherly love. These two are the best of buddies.  I wonder who will miss who more.

What gives you reason to inhale deeply and give thanks?  Please share in the comment section. Your comments always make me remember more reasons to stop and take stock.

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  1. Love this, Adela! Simplicity and joy in those around you, the things your senses see and feel, hear and breathe. A wonderful collection of words and photos and helpful hints! I love that each new day brings something to make me smile and send up a grateful prayer.
    This week it’s the surprise of finding Great Lakes Book Bash for my granddaughter to attend next month. ….suddenly there’s an open spot and she’s an exhibitor! Hugs and best wishes to your grandson going off to college. Our grandkids are our everything!

    • Adela Adela

      Oh my, Joan. I need to find out more about the Great Lakes Book Bash. Sounds wonderful.

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