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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-35

Could it be that we are in the 10th month of 2017?  The months kaleidoscope together in mosaics of sound, smell, and color.  As I waited for the train this morning, I noticed that the sun still sleeps, not a beam in sight. Yet, the beauty of the morning cannot be denied. The photo I took this morning shows a pink rumor of sunshine destined to grace my day.

First responders and communities in Puerto Rico who tirelessly work to help the people devastated by hurricane Maria. I work with about 10% Puerto Rican’s. The agony of not knowing is heart-rending. Finally, friends hear about family members. Still, electricity and communications are scarce. Yet, Aldi delivered survival packages to individuals: a week’s worth of food and water. Thank you, Aldi.

Here are a few more things I pause to ponder and give thanks.

. Rails to Trails in Pennsylvania. CeCi and I, along with the kids, experienced great walking trails as a results of this organization. Here’s a quick look at just a portion of the Allegheny Trail.

.  Kimberley at Avallon’s Voice, who told me more of her story, and is a wonderful supporter of mine.

.  A quiet breakfast with Coco and Loved-One.

.  Wildflowers in Autumn’s couture.

. Senior discount for movie tickets and popcorn.

.  Loved One, savior of the cilantro-gone-to-seed, simply because, “the bees love it so much.”

.  Group cell phone plans and the mathematicians and fiscal conservatives who jointly decided that the status quo is great.

.  Twins harmonizing in the back seat just because they like the way their voices sound together.

.  Wrestler #1 living close enough to help in a transportation conflict.

.  The crunch of dry leaves under my feet.

.  John Oliver and Last Week Tonight. He makes me laugh and educates me at the same time.

.Facebook friends who offer differing opinions without vitriol.

.  Driving toward a beautiful sunset. (Figuratively and literally.)

What makes you stop and smile as the days get shorter? Please leave a comment. Your thoughts make me stop and consider my many blessings, some of which I’ve overlooked.

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  1. Lovely! Absolutely lovely!! My sister’s annual fall visit is what I look forward to every fall, and baseball, go Red Sox!

    • Adela Adela

      I would love an annual fall visit from one of my sister! I’m usually traveling in their direction, since most of my sibs still live near Mom. Go Cubs! Baseball is one of this non-athletes favorites.

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