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  • Third person chiming in, “I think it’s the Kimchee.”

    Little snippets like these make me laugh and also remind me how lucky I am to work in such a multi-cultural setting, filled with friendly people.

    Here’s a few more of the things that make me smile and recognize how lucky I am:

     Hailey from Empowerment Plan who granted an interview.  She employs homeless women to sew.  She pays them a living wage, helping them leave homelessness behind.

     Bobbie, a homeless man I meet every day on my way to the Green Line.  He’s a young, intelligent man with brilliantly blue eyes.  I give him an apple or an orange, sometimes a breakfast wrap as I pass each morning.  Each day he gives me a smile and a thank you.  This week I surprised him with a new coat that converts to a sleeping bag. Perhaps you guessed, that’s what the women at Empowerment sew.

     Rain, rain, and more rain. And then sunshine.  My fall transplants look so lovely.  We needed rain so bad.

     Two healthy koi in my water garden, swimming together like old friends.

     People from everywhere rallying to help Puerto Rico.

     Miss E and her best friend, CoCo, Loved-One going with me to Chicago Open House. This is our second year.  We visited several historical sites and a brand new building filled with architects working on more new buildings.

     Strong bones and joints that stayed with me through the 6 miles of walking we did.

     Seeing the sun rise over the streets of Chicago every morning now that the days are shorter.  (Okay, it’s true, I don’t much like the idea that I’m leaving and returning home in the dark.  Trying to look on the bright side, here.

     A nomination for “Soon to be Famous Illinois Author for 2018.” Nomination must be from a librarian.  A big deal, don’t you thing? Yay!

     A table in the Great Lakes Book Bash October 27 and 28.

     Grandchildren reminiscing about our Halloween parties.  

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    1. Pat Pat

      You are so compassionate to reach out to a homelss man. I grew up in Illinois, but now live in Switzerland. Glad to have found you on the Midlife Blvd.

      • Adela Adela

        I’m glad you found me, too. Where in Illinois did you grow up.

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