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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-6

Ahh… I’m feeling a bit better this Monday. The sun is out, the weather is a bit warmer, the Super Bowl ads were heart-warming, and I am getting back into a move-more routine.  I interviewed two very interesting people this week.  One is a young man who makes steel pans, musical instruments made of recycled 55 gallon drums.  The other is a middle-aged mother who attended the Women’s March in Chicago.  She takes serious the mantra of “connect, protect, activate.” I’m beginning to feel on firmer footing.

The NFL ad “Inside these lines,” gave me the chills. As an un-fan of football, I listened to the words.  All good.  

I don’t even like football.  I watch the Super Bowl for the ads, and to be a good companion to Loved-One.  We met on Super Bowl Sunday, at the Northlight Theatre.  He was there only because the game was so bad.  So of course, Super Bowl is near the top of my list of gratitudes this week.

Here are a few random things that lead me to gratitude this week:

 A brand-new snow-blower and no snow to blow.

A passionate pastor who speaks about our responsibility, in spite of blow-back.

 Pizza made at home, from scratch.  Dough, sauce, and added ingredients.

Wrestler #1 and CoCo sitting in front of the TV with Loved-One and me, nibbling, conversing, and watching ads. (And the game, too.)

A nephew who texts out of the blue and asks if we want to get together some time soon.

My friend Sharni, who keeps me laughing.

My Clown Car Masterminds who continue to support me in the friendliest of ways.

CeCe and her brood, keeping in touch via text throughout the game, and Mr. R who felt bad for the underdogs, cuz, well, cuz they never won the Super Bowl before.

 One of my FaceBook friends who pointed out that it’s not Superbowl, it’s Super Bowl (love the grammar police, really, I do.)

Longer days and shorter nights.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  I can hardly wait to find out.  Your lists always remind me of more things for which to give thanks.

There were lots of great ads.  Here’s my favorite.  (Although, I wish we could assign value in more ways than monetary worth.)


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