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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock #4

It’s Monday again. A special Monday.  The Monday after a long Thanksgiving weekend. The Monday after dinner with family, a Friday of candy-making with lovely women, a Saturday Christmas outing with the kids and grandkids, and a Sunday breakfast with my sister Julie and her husband Randy.  I am blessed by having so many people I love near me this long weekend.  

Loved-One, me, and the grandkids. Miss E is working and Miss A is busy being an adult.
Loved-One, me, and the grandkids. Miss E is working and Miss A is busy being an adult.

Here are a few more things, in no particular order that bring me joy and create gratitude in my heart:

A gift from a former colleague found abandoned in a drawer.  It’s a beautiful pen from my friend Mei. I believe she brought it from Beijing in 2008.  I saved it, secreting it away in a safe place.  Finding it made me think of Mei and brought gratitude for all the things she’s taught me.

Knitting rings.  I can knit a hat in an evening, which is a great accomplishment.  The best part is that I’ve learned how to hide the cast-on piece of yarn.  Yay for a professional looking finish!

A surprise announcement in the newspaper of my upcoming book-signing and fund-raiser for the food pantry.  The announcement is in the center, above the fold, and includes a photo of A Ship of Pearl. christmas-outing-1-1

I did  submit the announcement, but had no idea it would be so prominent.

The season of jammie-making for grandchildren in front of a lit fireplace.  There’s just something so pleasant about passing on a tradition from one generation to the next.  One more child graduation from pajamas to hat.  The youngest turned six this month.  Time passes, but flannel pajamas are like a warm hug from the past.

Fountain pens and lavender-scented ink.  A sweet indulgence.

 Meal Train for a neighbor in need. What a wonderful way to volunteer with a few clicks.  Who says the internet isolates us?

 New and old twitter friends tweeting out good will and encouragement.  I’m catching up from the long weekend.  I feel the love, girlfriends.  Thank you!

 A family who can agreeable disagree.  Yes, we’re still reeling a bit from the election. Yes, there were two distinct voter camps.  

What’s on your list this week?  I love to hear what fills you with gratitude. You always make remember another something to be thankful for.


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  1. Hats off to doing something VERY right! (No doubt you do many things right.)
    Would that all families could have loving disagreements. I am not sure I could do that this year.

    • Adela Adela

      I know what you mean, Ren. I was a bit afraid, since passions flared this election season. I understand some family members’ reasoning, still I disagree. We have generations of debate as a way to grow and learn under our belts. That helps.

  2. Awesome on your book signing event and it looks like for a great cause, as well. Election talk was something I would’ve liked to put on the back burner with the potatoes, but it’s hard to escape in a gathering of many opinions. Looks like you had a successful and memorable Thanksgiving weekend.

    • Adela Adela

      Yes, Laurie. All went well. We tried not to talk politics, thinking we’d all had enough. Stuff leaked out. Agreeable disagreement is the only way to get through.

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