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Photo Friday: A Mile in These Shoes

Within a month of moving to Chicagoland, I took an overnight business trip.  My boss, Cathy, agreed to stay with my kids and get them off to school.  (I know. Who has a boss like that?)  I admit, I fretted a bit.  Would they behave? Teens, you know.

“I never saw such big shoes.” Cathy’s eyes got big and round.  “He’s only in junior high.”

We took our shoes off at the door.  There she spied the biggest shoes she ever saw. Cathy told everyone at work what big shoes Wrestler #2 wore.  Incredulous.

I think of Cathy every time I see Mr. D, my grandson’s shoes.  He’s in eight grade. Those are my feet beside his shoes.

IMG_5362Something tells me Mr. D. will have no trouble walking in his father’s footsteps.

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  1. LOL! I will never forget the first time our son had all his buddies over for game night. I returned home from work and could barely push open the front door for all the ENORMOUS shoes on the landing!!
    Laura Ehlers recently posted..Happy Spring!My Profile

    • Adela Adela

      I know what you mean, Laura. Something about those shoes, without the feet in them, just makes me go “Holy Cow! That puppy gonna be, wait, IS, a big dog.”

  2. No kids, no big shoes. But an interesting thing. My husband and I have the same size feet, so when we travel we can share a lot of the same boots, birks etc. (Mine are big, his small.)


    • Adela Adela

      Now that’s really lucky, Anita. Loved-One and I are almost the same height sitting down. I have extra cushioning to sit on and a long torso. He’s 6′, I’m 5/3″ if I stretch. He’s long-legged, my shortness is all in the legs.

  3. Wow! What big feet! My grandma used to say that meant they had a good foundation.

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