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Photo Friday: After all these years

More than twenty-eight years ago I left Harbor Beach to come to Chicagoland. A country mouse in the city. Just after the new year dawned.

Before I left, I packed up my mini-van with text books from college and resource books from work.  Someone stole them while I was at midnight mass, Christmas Eve.

“Whoever stole the box, will see those books are of no value to them,” I said to my friend Cindy. “I’m sure they’ll bring them back.”

“Adela, think about it,” she replied. “They’re thieves.”

I was so naïve.

My co-workers sent me off with $100 inside a coffee mug.  I bought a professional looking wool coat, so I could leave my puffy parka in the closet and look like I belonged in the city.

I  have the coat in the closet, hoping some day it will fit again.  It is, after all, retro by now.

On cold mornings, it reminds me of old friends.  On warm mornings it does the same.

coffee mug 2

Click the button below and slide on over to Pierced Wondering to see some beautiful photos of old buildings.  Gorgeous.  I’ll be working on my marketing plan for my book.  Coming out this fall.  Yay!
Pierced Wonderings


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  1. Great little insight into you, Adela! And your book is coming out this fall? And I just noticed your KIVA badge. Are you a Kiva addict like me? I need to check out that badge right now!

    • Adela Adela

      Teehee. Always throwing out a bit of me for general consumption, Beth Ann. Yes, my novel will be out in the fall, just in time for Christmas. I plan to have pre-ordering by the end of August.

      My son gave us a KIVA gift certificate several years ago. We keep lending and re-lending. I love KIVA. Wrestler #2 teaches World Cultures and Comparative religion at a HS. His classes began raising money for KIVA loans. They communicate with the people they loan to throughout the year. They love it. Me too.

  2. i like your this post.

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