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Photo Friday: Bundled Business Venture

Only questions:

Which business led to the other?

Did patients need help lifting and hauling during recovery?

Did the light hauling get the doctor through college?

Is ObamaCare responsible for a surgeon moonlighting?

How is the shoe repair business connected?  Orthopaedic shoes perhaps?

What’s on those¬† tires?

Does one business drive the other?

Which is more profitable?

Following his Bliss and can’t decide which is more blissful?


Orthopedic2 Orthopedic1

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    • Adela Adela

      I might have walked right by this little trailer with nary a thought. However, traffic stopped as the owner parked it, where I snapped my picture. Progress stopped caused me to take notice and ponder.

  1. Rita Crandell Rita Crandell

    Hmmm, That was food for thought

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