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Photo Friday: Bundled Business Venture

Only questions:

Which business led to the other?

Did patients need help lifting and hauling during recovery?

Did the light hauling get the doctor through college?

Is ObamaCare responsible for a surgeon moonlighting?

How is the shoe repair business connected?  Orthopaedic shoes perhaps?

What’s on those  tires?

Does one business drive the other?

Which is more profitable?

Following his Bliss and can’t decide which is more blissful?


Orthopedic2 Orthopedic1

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    • Adela Adela

      I might have walked right by this little trailer with nary a thought. However, traffic stopped as the owner parked it, where I snapped my picture. Progress stopped caused me to take notice and ponder.

  1. Rita Crandell Rita Crandell

    Hmmm, That was food for thought

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