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Photo Friday: Chicken Yard

This week I visited Mom.  In turn, we visited her sister, Anne,

Anne’s home has chickens in the yard.  

 I bet you never thought of chickens that way.

chickens-1 chickens-2 chickens-3 chickens-4 chickens-5



What’s in your lens this week? I’d love to take a peek.
If you’re interested in great photos, please hop over to Pierced Wondering, by clicking her button, below. So many great photographers link up there.

 Pierced Wonderings

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  1. Chickens can be endlessly entertaining and I loved the fresh eggs when we had our own little flock. Then we were away and our dogs decided to use that opportunity to kill almost all of them, just for the fun of it.

    • Adela Adela

      They are entertaining, that’s for sure. I could make up a whole story about what’s going on in those little heads. Too bad about your dog and the chickens. That’s a difficult dog habit/instinct to break.

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