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Photo Friday: When is Lunch?

Costcoto 2Is that a 30 minute lunch, or an hour lunch?

The pharmacist who saw me snap this picture kindly explained,

I know, it’s confusing.  We HAVE to get out of here by 2:30.  No exceptions.  So we MUST break for lunch by 2:15.

And just when I though I figured out what the sign was supposed to mean, someone had to go and clarify.

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    • Adela Adela

      Communication is more than words!

  1. Ha! I’ve never been able to figure out what that sign means either! Too funny!

    • Adela Adela

      After reading the sign and listening to the explanation, I think it means, “We’re leaving for lunch sometime today. If no one is here, that’s where we are.”

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