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Recycling Extravaganza

Spring time is traditionally the time to do Spring Cleaning.  As a child, I remember helping Mom wash walls.  My sister on the inside and me on the outside, we tackled the windows.  Even my first job as a car-hop at a drive-in restaurant, required me to wash windows in the spring.  Closets got cleaned, and the trash bins got filled to overflowing during Spring Cleaning.

Now I have more in the recycle than in the trash.  My community has a Spring Cleaning Recycling Extravaganza.  I can fill up my car or truck with all kinds of things I never thought were recyclable:  paint, old televisions, shoes, batteries, stained and ragged clothes… You name it and theirs a place to recycle it or repurpose it.  The Environmental Defenders and other county volunteers will even unload your unwanted items from your car.

Read more about the Recycling Extravaganza by clicking  here.


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  1. What a great event. I just washed windows yesterday and they look so great this morning when I woke up with the sun streaming through them. Yay for spring!

    • Adela Adela

      And Yay for Spring Cleaning.!?! I love a sparkling house.

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