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Religion and Citizenship

“Where does your son teach?” That’s whAt I hear when I tell people that Wrestler #2 teaches Comparative Religion and World Cultures.

“Really?” is invariable the reply, when I say he teaches at a local high school.  “I didn’t know anyone could teach religion in the public schools.  You know, separation of church and state…” Followed by, “That’s amazing.”

Not only does he teach these subjects, he helped build the framework, so Social Studies teachers across the nation could feel comfortable and confident to teach them, too.

Now it’s me who’s saying, “Really?  That’s amazing!”

The 3Cs are Career, College, and Civics (I like to say citizenship.  Remember when we got a grade in citizenship?)

 Read more about the C3 Framework and the Religeous Studies framework here

This obviously isn’t Wrestler #2.  I just like this photo that I took yesterday. It’s Mom and my newlywed niece.

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