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Special Olympics and Cop on Top

Police Officers once called this event “Cop on Top.”    Maybe that’s why they changed the name to “Cop on a Rooftop.”

CoCo takes a day off of work and volunteers at the local Dunkin’ Donuts with her friend, Kathy.  Did you know that the first International Special Olympics took place in Illinois?  Did you know that police departments around the state help support Special Olympics to the tune of $2.3 million?  Read more about Cop of a Roof Top by clicking here.

That’s CoCo and her friend, Kathy in the photo.



Fox River Grove police officer claim that pound for pound they raise more money than any of the other competing departments.

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  1. What a fun event. I love what Special Olympics does for their athletes and how it instills great values and feelings of self worth. I would also be calling it Hop on Cop. 🙂 Fun post and thanks for the link to the article.

    • Adela Adela

      This may have been the coldest day in May. I hope it was.!

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